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Thanksgiving has come and gone in 2016, which means one thing: Christmas season is upon us. The next month or so will see TV commercials filled with as much holiday cheer as can be packed into a brief window of time. Famed director Wes Anderson has teamed up with H&M for a Christmas ad so delightful that even the Grinch would have to approve. Take a look!

I can't speak for anybody else, but I know that when I think "Oscar-winner Adrien Brody," I don't really think "H&M." It came as a lovely surprise when my heart grew three sizes after watching the four-minute ad that had surprisingly little to do with the clothing company. Conductor Ralph and porter Fritz really pulled out all the stops with their small complimentary Christmas brunch. Who knew what magic could happen with scissors, construction paper, and chocolate-flavored hot beverages with whipped topping? Kudos to Wes Anderson, Adrien Brody, and the rest for putting together such a charming short video that ticked all the right boxes for Christmas cheer.

Adrien Brody may not be an expected pick for the face of H&M's holiday line, but he makes sense as an actor for anything directed by Wes Anderson. Brody starred in three of Anderson's films: The Darjeeling Limited in 2007, Fantastic Mr. Fox in 2009, and The Grand Budapest Hotel in 2013. In a fun bit of trivia, The Darjeeling Limited and The Grand Budapest Hotel both featured live action trains, so it's fitting that a train is the setting for the "Come Together" Christmas ad.

The "Come Together" ad is strikingly different from the 2015 commercial for H&M's Christmas collection. The 2015 ad starred Katy Perry and was actually really, really creepy. The train filled with Christmas miracles this year is definitely a step up from bizarre dancing gingerbread men, Katy Perry dressed like a fairy, and a random polar bear last year. I'd dare say that "Come Together" is even better than Lady Gaga's H&M commercial from 2014, and that was one of the most popular holiday ads of the year.

It should be interesting to see how the Wes Anderson/Adrien Brody collaboration ranks against other holiday commercials this season. Apple got an early start with a Frankenstein-oriented ad that's positively adorable. It's too early to predict overall viewership for the "Come Together" ad, but it has already been viewed more than 2.5 million times during its first two days on Youtube. This commercial could be a major hit of the holiday season.

Check out our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what you can look forward to on the small screen in the not-too-distant future beyond seasonal commercials. If the "Come Together" ad successfully inspired you to want to check out H&M's Christmas line, you can find it in stores now.

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