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The Walking Dead is reportedly a pretty grueling series to shoot. Not only does the cast have to film major action scenes during the heat of summer in Georgia, they also have to muck around in the outdoors and frequently deal with getting covered in fake blood and other goo. According to actress Lauren Cohan, one of these activities is much worse than the others. In fact, she recently told Stephen Colbert that she's still super squeamish during the blood-filled scenes. Here's what she had to say:

I have an urge to stay away from any blood. Cause being on the show has not made me stronger to like the elements or to any violence. It's made me extremely squeamish. Like so squeamish. Like if you say "needle" I will fall...

During a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, actress Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie on the long-running series, revealed that all the blood-oriented scenes on the series really aren't her favorite. In fact, she and Stephen Colbert had previously been eating pie on the late night show before she got super grossed out simply talking about the blood. She later said that she's so squeamish about icky stuff that even the word needle might have her falling down into her pie.

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Maggie Greene's been a part of The Walking Dead TV series since Season 2, when the group came upon Herschel's farm. In the time since, she's become an avid part of the team, and has taken down both zombies and humans alike. Some of these moments have been particularly memorable and particularly bloody, including one time when the group escaped Woodbury user walker bones fashioned into shivs. In that episode, Maggie even took out a character named Warren and it was a bloody mess, so she has literally been forced to shoot with "blood" on her hands before.

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Scenes like those may not be Lauren Cohan's favorite part of appearing on the series, but she does have to shoot a lot of them, even when she's not directly involved, as happened this season when she saw Glenn die right before her own eyes. On the bright side, The Walking Dead has made Lauren Cohan a household name and allowed her to be a part of a fandom with some of the most avid viewers on the planet. It's certainly not a bad position to be in, even if it does feature a fair share of blood, guts and violence.

If you'd like to learn more about Lauren Cohan, you can check out the full interview, below.

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