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Carl And Negan Meet Face To Face In New Walking Dead Teaser

the walking dead negan and carl

Season 7 of The Walking Dead has been pretty hit or miss. While the long-awaited premiere episode was absolutely thrilling and horrifying television, every episode that followed has been a bit of a let down, with viewership declining. The series has gone back to their method of focusing on just a few characters at a time, which is a pace that hardcore fans can easily become frustrated with. Luckily for us, this seems to be changing tomorrow, as The Walking Dead will be assembling the majority of its cast for another extra long episode. And perhaps the most intriguing of these plot lines is Carl showing up at The Sanctuary, and his bizarre relationship to Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan.

The Walking Dead just released a teaser for tomorrow's episode, and it looks insane. Check it out now.

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It seems that in the course of the six months that The Walking Dead was gone, Carl has grown some seriously huge cojones. Because the cycloptic teenager is looking Negan in the face, and he gives 0 craps.

This short teaser is pretty thrilling. Absolutely no context or dialogue is revealed, but it's clear that Carl's entrance into The Sanctuary won't exactly be stealthy. He'll be caught, either purposefully or by one of the tons of Saviors, and taken to Negan himself. Given Negan's affinity for the boy and desire to see him turn into a serial killer, things could get seriously weird in the next episode. Plus, were finally going to see Carl's eye wound, which is sure to be satisfying for comic book fans.

Having this type focus back on The Sanctuary is a pretty exciting concept, as Negan is an absolutely captivating and horrifying villain. We were only shown the inner workings of The Saviors through Daryl's perspective, but now it can be fleshed out more. It should be interesting to see if and how Daryl and Carl manage to interact in the upcoming episode. Dwight and Negan have been trying to break Daryl down, and having Carl in The Sanctuary may be just the leverage to use over Mr. Dixon to get him to comply. He surely doesn't want more blood on his hands, so Daryl may finally kneel in order to save Rick's son.

Luckily for fans, Carl's time with The Saviors isn't the only plot happening in tomorrow's episode. Previous clips reveal that Alexandria will be another setting for the episode, and we will once again focus on Rosita's journey in the wake of Abraham's death. She wants Eugene to make her bullets, and it's clear that the woman is not ready to submit to Negan as easily as Spencer and Rick.

Additionally, Jesus will be at The Sanctuary at the same time as Carl. We'll be able to watch him sneak around and gather intel, and presumably kick some Savior ass in the process. Will he be caught as well? Or will Sasha at The Hilltop get the information she needs to begin an uprise? With so many communities under Negan's thumb, it seems like they just need to work together to free themselves.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.

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