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Donald Trump is going to pretty busy for the next few years, so it was only natural that he stepped away from his position as host of The Celebrity Apprentice during his campaign for the presidency. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be taking over hosting duties on The New Celebrity Apprentice, but it recently came out that Trump will still remain -- and continue to be paid -- as an executive producer. This has drawn criticism from some, and this is what Schwarzenegger has to say about the President-Elect's involvement:

I knew from the beginning that he is an executive producer on the show. It's no different than when I was running for governor and became governor. My credit in starring in Terminator still said Schwarzenegger and everything stayed the same. I continued getting the royalties and all that.

During a press junket for The New Celebrity Apprentice (via Deadline), the topic of Donald Trump's executive producer credit inevitably came up. Though Trump will have nothing to do with the actual production of the show, he will still be paid a salary of an undisclosed sum of money. While the news was controversial, it didn't come as a surprise to Schwarzenegger, who knew Trump would remain on since the beginning. Schwarzenegger knows something about being a celebrity-politician hybrid, having gone on to be governor of California after a successful acting career, which would offer him a unique perspective on the whole situation.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger largely skirted the issue of conflict of interests, and brought the topic back to The New Celebrity Apprentice. The Terminator star is excited for people to see his take as the new boss, complete with his own catchphrases and all. He hopes that his version of the show will rise out of shadow left by his predecessor to stand on its own two feet.

[Trump] did a great job that's why I was attracted to the show. . . . I hope I can match up to what he has done and continue on with a great successful show. In fact, I'm counting out all of you [press] to really promote the show because I want to have my ratings a little higher than his was... but don't tell him that.

The New Celebrity Apprentice is set to air on January 2, 2017, and is currently slated for eight episodes. It will be the eighth season of the popular reality game show, and will feature a new lineup of advisors consisted of Tyra Banks, Warren Buffett, and Jessica Alba among others. The contestants will feature a mix of performers, actors, and athletes such as Boy George, Eric Dickerson, Jon Lovitz, and Snooki competing to raise money for their specific charities.

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