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NBC’s Powerless Has A Major Batman Connection


Early next year, NBC will be rolling out a new superhero show of a different kind. Taking place in the DC Universe, Powerless focuses on the mundane normal people who exist in a superpowered world. The show was always going to have references to iconic characters like Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, but after some reworking, Powerless has a huge connection to Batman. Or more specifically, his alter ego Bruce Wayne; they work for him.

Originally, the office comedy was set in an insurance company called Retcon that specialized in claims caused by the actions of superheroes. According to Batman News, that is no longer the case, and Powerless has changed the entire setting of the series. The comedy will now take place at Wayne Security, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises that specializes in products that make defenseless bystanders feel a little safer. This means that the characters of the show now technically work for Bruce Wayne, and it could potentially leave the floor open for Bruce Wayne to cameo on the office comedy in the future.

It's unknown why the change was made, but now the show has a more obvious connection to the DC Universe. It's possible that the setting was moved so that general audiences can more easily tell that Powerless takes place in the same world as characters like Superman and the Flash. Seeing as how the first superhero seen on the show is apparently the lesser known Crimson Fox, that might have been a good call.

Another possibility could be to give Powerless a bit more superhero flair. Taking place in a high-tech development lab means that there's a wider range of storytelling options, with opportunities for more zany shenanigans than if this was at an insurance company. Although if that's the case, then doesn't it undermine the whole premise of the show of ordinary people in a world of superheroes? They are still dealing with the actions of heroes, but it doesn't seem quite as mundane anymore. We'll just have to let the pilot speak for itself.

Powerless is a sitcom on NBC set in the world of DC comics characters. The show is lead by Vanessa Hudgens as Emily Locke, the new Director of Research and Development of Wayne Security. She has some big ideas on how to improve the lives of everyday citizens, but it's an enthusiasm unmatched by her boss (Alan Tudyk) and officemates. It's up to Emily to lead her team toward their full potential. Powerless also stars a very solid cast of Danny Pudi, Ron Funches, and Kate Micucci. The office comedy is set to make its premiere on Thursday, February 2, 2017, at 8:30 p.m. EST. For more on which shows are coming back and when then check out our midseason premiere schedule on CinemaBlend.

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