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When The New DC TV Show Powerless Will Finally Premiere

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The live-action DC universe tends to take quite a bit of flak for being a bit too serious. Even the most lighthearted TV shows like The Flash and Supergirl have a tendency to get pretty intense every now and then. However, that's all poised to change somewhat, as NBC will soon bring us our first legitimate DC comedy in the form of Powerless. Anticipation for the workplace comedy is high, and we now know the series will hit the network in February 2017.

It was announced that NBC's Powerless has officially received a confirmed premiere date on Thursday, February 2 at 8:30 p.m. EST. This seems to indicate that the network has quite a bit of confidence in the show's ability to succeed, as that's a highly coveted time slot for the network. It's also right up against Let the zany antics begin.

The overarching premise of Powerless is an incredibly fresh take on the world of comic books and superheroes. Rather than focusing on a group of DC superheroes, Powerless places its focus on a poorly run insurance company set within the chaotic DC mythos. Over the course of the series, we will follow a group of mundane individuals as they try to live in (and cope with) the extraordinary world around them. To top it all off, the show features an amazing ensemble of actors, including: Vanessa Hudgens, Alan Tudyk, Danny Pudi, and Ron Funches.

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Obviously we have a few concerns with regards to NBC's Powerless. As it is a DC series on NBC, it conjures very specific memories of John Constantine's ill-fated solo series on the network, and those close to Constantine's production have since come out and admitted that NBC wasn't the right network for that particular series. However, considering the fact that Powerless is a comedy series (and a workplace comedy no less) we have a feeling that NBC will make a perfect home.

That being said, there's definitely plenty to get excited about here. CinemaBlend's TV team already had the opportunity to watch the Powerless pilot during this summer's San Diego Comic-Con. Oh, and just in case you were wondering: the show definitely delivers the laughs. If the rest of the series is as solid as that first episode shown at Comic-Con, we can rest easy knowing that we're about to see an entirely new shade of the DC universe.

CinemaBlend will keep you posted regarding any and all pertinent details related to the upcoming debut of Powerless on NBC. The series will premiere on Thursday, February 2, at 8:30 p.m. EST.

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