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The election of Donald Trump has been discussed, dissected and referenced in the days following the actual casting of the ballots and the election of the next President of the United States. However, this election has had some surprising consequences, including the recent cancellation of a project that had been coming together over at TNT. That's right, TNT has decided to halt the pilot Civil, reportedly as a result of the election results. Here's what we know.

Back in May, TNT was really high on a pilot called Civil. At the time we learned the potential series would be about a controversial presidential election. Following said election, America would find themselves in a modern-day Civil War, sans the ironclads and Gatling guns. The project would have starred The West Wing's Bradley Whitford, Courtney B. Vance, Toby Jones and Enrique Murciano. Alas, Deadline is reporting the potential drama is now not to be, and that the election may have been a major deciding factor in that decision.

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The pilot for Civil was actually already filmed over the summer and apparently things went pretty well, as TNT ordered additional scripts for a series. The network was even looking to launch Civil this winter, but as both sides became more polarized during the election cycle, TNT ultimately dropped the potential series altogether. Perhaps the drama would really have rubbed different viewers the wrong way if it had been allowed to premiere, but it looks like we will never know now.

There are myriad reasons why networks choose not to move shows forward to series. Sometimes the pilots for these projects turn out pretty crummy, or major leads dropout. Sometimes projects and networks can't settle on a vision for an entire season, much less a series and sometimes budget negotiations stall a project in its tracks. There are more reasons that projects a network is high on can eventually get dropped, but it's very unusual to hear that an election potentially factored into whether or not a show got picked up.

TNT is currently airing The Librarians and newcomer Good Behavior, the latter starring Downton Abbey actress Michelle Dockery. A young Shakespeare series and a show called The Race Card have also reportedly been picked up. TNT also made news last year when the network decided to change the way it does commercial breaks, leading to chopping ad times and spending more time actually watching original shows--another reason to check out originals on the network. While we wait for those new shows, there's a ton of stuff hitting the schedule at midseason. To find out when your favorites are returning, check out our winter TV premiere schedule.

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