1600 Penn makes its time-slot premiere tonight. The pilot episode aired last month, and this evening, the second episode of the series' first season will air as part of NBC's Thursday night comedy block. For those of you who haven't seen 1600 Penn's pilot episode ("Putting Out Fires"), we have it here for you to watch. For those who have, check out the promo NBC released to reminds us that The Office and 1600 Penn are airing new episodes tonight.

1600 Penn comes from Josh Gad and Jon Lovett and stars Gad, Jenna Elfman, Bill Pullman and Martha Mac Isaac, and takes a presidential approach to a family comedy with its focus on the First Family and their White House shenanigans.

Before we get to that, The Office resumes with its final season tonight, and based on the promo below, it looks like Dwight's plan backfires all over him. Following The Office footage is a trailer for 1600 Penn's "The Skiplantic Ocean," the second episode of NBC's new comedy series, which airs at 9:30 p.m. ET tonight (Thursday).

I don't really understand why NBC isn't re-airing the 1600 Penn pilot tonight, for those who didn't catch the early airing of it last month. Though this isn't the first time they've done an early preview that's really more of an early series premiere, with Episode 2 marking the show's time-slot debut. Regardless, thanks to the magic of the internet, those who didn't catch the first episode still have the opportunity to do so. Watch it in its entirety below...

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