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One of the best things about life as a superhero is that you get to wear some truly kickass threads. Green Arrow has his hoods, the Canaries have their leather jackets, and the speedsters have their streamlined suits. Keiynan Lonsdale's received his first Earth-1 Kid Flash outfit during the midseason finale of The Flash, but a new photo tweeted by the actor seems to indicate that he may soon receive another upgrade. Check it out below!

Don't worry, Wally West hasn't once again found himself enveloped by another one of Dr. Alchemy's husks; that tweet actually seems to show Keiynan Lonsdale taking a mold of his head in order to fashion a brand new mask for Wally. The picture doesn't provide us with too many details, but the fact that Lonsdale is currently in the process of having another outfit made -- despite the fact that Wally just received his own Kid Flash uniform -- seems like a solid indication that the character is due for a makeover very, very soon.

It definitely would make plenty of sense for Cisco to hook Wally up with an even better costume at some point over the course of the next few episodes. Grant Gustin recently took to Twitter and admitted that he has a strong desire to see Barry Allen receive an upgrade as well. If the hero is going to get new threads, then it stands to reason that the sidekick would get them as well; that's only fair.

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This upgrade also makes sense when we consider the comic book source material. Wally West's first Season 3 outfit seemed to take quite a bit of inspiration from the classic yellow and red suit seen in many of the comics and cartoons over the years. However, the Wally West depicted on The Flash seems like more of an adaptation of the recently updated comic book character. With that in mind, don't be surprised if The Flash eventually debuts a Kid Flash outfit more in line with the silver New 52 version of the suit (seen above) and lets that be Wally's go-to crime fighting suit for a while.

The exact look for Wally West's new suit remains to be seen, but given Cisco's knack for creating flashy outfits (pun very much intended) we think it's going to look awesome. The Flash will return on Tuesday, January 24 at 8 p.m. EST. Check out our midseason premiere guide to learn more about all of the most highly anticipated spring TV debuts!

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