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Watch A Reporter Do A Chewbacca Impression During His Report On Carrie Fisher's Death

The world was deeply saddened yesterday when news broke that Star Wars legend Carrie Fisher had died. Well, it didn't take long for someone to get a little silly while reporting on her death. Take a look at one reporter busting out his best Chewbacca impression during his segment.

Um...well...just...WOW. OK, it's pretty apparent that most of the people involved in this GloboNews segment on Carrie Fisher's death were completely unprepared for Brazilian journalist Jorge Pontual to bring up everyone's favorite Wookiee, much less do an impression of him during the middle of their report on a pretty serious issue. Since the report is, obviously, in Portuguese, let me help you out with a translation, courtesy of

Many people telling how much they loved Carrie Fisher, many celebrities remarking on this loss. But the most emotional reaction was from Chewbacca, that Star Wars character. He said, 'HHHGGRRRRGRAAAARRR.' Very sad.

Jorge Pontual began his part of the segment normally enough, but I suppose he just couldn't resist throwing a bit of weird humor in. Who knows, maybe his friends and family have praised his Chewbacca impression for decades and he saw this as the perfect opportunity to take it public. Or, maybe he just thought that Carrie Fisher, who has been lauded in many of the tributes to her over the past day for her sparkling wit, would have appreciated it. Either way, he didn't let the thought of people finding it inappropriate stop him.

Even if you do think this was insensitive, it's hard not to laugh at least a little after watching his fellow reporters' shocked faces dissolve into giggles at his ridiculous on-air move. My favorite part of the video might be how the reporter on the right, from Brazil, immediately raised an eyebrow at Pontual's mention of Chewbacca. It's like she knew something goofy was coming. I think it's fair to say, though, that no one could have really prepared themselves for a, somewhat bad, impression of Chewbacca when talking about Carrie Fisher's very recent death.

In case you're wondering, Pontual has been accused of being insensitive by others in the Brazilian media, and, well, he's fine with that, apparently. He tweeted out a photo of Princess Leia canoodling with Chewie after hearing from his critics. So, even if you think it's way too soon for this sort of thing, we can all hope that no one in Carrie Fisher's family takes offense, and that she's somewhere laughing at it herself.

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