Who Killed Wes In How to Get Away With Murder, According To One Actor

how to get away with murder

There are few TV producers who know how to write a good drama more than Shonda Rhimes. The ABC darling has created captivating and extremely popular shows like Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and Scandal. One of her newer shows, How to Get Away With Murder, has become largely associated with its crazy plot twists, as well as one overall mystery which is eventually resolved by the finale. The midseason finale of HTGAWM shocked audiences by killing off the biggest character (besides Viola Davis' Annalise). Now that Wes unfortunately bit the dust, it's clear that no character is safe- and we'll now have to watch the second half of the season to find out who killed him. And the cast has some interesting ideas about who did it.

In preparation for How to Get Away With Murder's midseason premiere, a bunch of the cast members recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the shocking Wes twist. Charlie Weber, who plays Annalise's muscle Frank, has his own opinion about who killed Wes, and it might surprise you. He doesn't think its any of the characters we're familiar with.

I think it's an outside party. This is retribution toward Annalise for all the things that we've done, which Frank is certainly responsible for, in a lot of ways.

Well, that would certainly be a twist. It looks like we won't have to rewatch the first half of Season 3 to find out who killed Wes. Because they might not even be on the show yet.

Wes' death in How To Get Away With Murder is certainly a moment no one saw coming. The series as a whole felt very focused on Wes through the years, and he served as the main narrator. Wes is the everyman, which puts him in a delightful contrast to the otherwise very loud and flawed ensemble. Additionally, Annalise shared a bond with Wes from when he was just a child, and we've spent a ton of time investing in she and his strained and complicated relationship.

With Wes no longer with us, it should be interesting to see how How to Get Away With Murder continues to evolve in future episodes. I think we can assume that the drama will become much more of ensemble piece, with characters like Connor, Michaela, and Laurel likely to get more screen time now that Annalise's favorite student is no longer in the picture.

Then again, Shonda Rhimes has been known to keep deceased characters around for quite a while after their on screen death. Grey's Anatomy saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Denny return on multiple occasions, from hallucinations to hosting the clip show. Then again, Harry Potter alum Alfred Enoch, who has played Wes for the past few seasons will reportedly be back during Season 3 through flashbacks. So maybe the dynamic won't change all that much.

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