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We already know some of the reasons why 2017 is going to be a big year for TV, and one of the year's most complex offerings will no doubt be Showtime's upcoming revival of Twin Peaks. Nearly everything about the show's existence has been mired in vaguely confirmed information, which is absolutely the case where the show's potential premiere date is concerned. But it appears the darkly comedic drama has been confirmed by Showtime for a May debut, although that information was not necessarily for public knowledge.

We are definitely taking this with a grain of salt, and a few hundred grains of sugar in our coffee, as it comes from a Reddit user, but one with a seemingly legitimate source of information. The Redditor's post says that Showtime sent out 2017 calendars to cable companies, and the image for May is a northwesterly waterfall, with Twin Peaks as the featured show of the month. The top left date spot has the "Welcome to Twin Peaks" sign in it, as well, so that might also be an indication of a Spring premiere for the darkly comedic drama.

That image's placement is on April 30, which could be a potential start date itself, though it wouldn't make much sense for May to be used. (Although that kind of weirdness would fit right in with this show.) Filming for the series was wrapped in April 2016, and a year of post-production sounds about right, especially since it's the editing process that will actually dictate how many new Twin Peaks episodes we'll be getting.

As well, the beginning of May is right around the time Season 2 of Billions will be ending, so that makes for great timing for a highly anticipated series return. Ray Donovan's fifth season will presumably debut in late June or July, so perhaps that drama's debut will be held until Twin Peaks is finished, or the two could be fitted right next to each other for a spell.

And it was just two days ago that co-star Sherilyn Fenn tweeted out her own clue.

Alas, even though David Lynch himself was the center of a bizarre promo clip, none of this is actually proof that Twin Peaks will indeed premiere in May or April. Or even in 2017. Or even on Showti...wait, that one has been proven. But we're still getting excited for it all the same, because even though last year had more scripted TV shows than ever before, none of them were written by David Lynch or had this cast list.

Now we wait to hear what Showtime has to say about things, and hopefully we won't have to wait 25 years for it. Head to our midseason premiere schedule in the meantime to see what else TV has to offer in the coming months.

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