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The Walking Dead Character Following Rick's Group Might Not Be Who We Think

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Ever since the final moments of The Walking Dead's latest midseason finale aired, we've been wondering just who in the hell has the guts (too soon?) to follow Rick & Co. around on their own turf. We always love a good mystery, but it's generally more fun when the cards are stacked so that we might be able to figure it out with the information given. (Potential spoilers start here.) It turns out The Walking Dead's boots-wearing stalker might be someone we haven't even met yet on any medium, and she might be from yet another new group.

I did say "she" just now, and that's because the mystery character is possibly being played by actress Sabrina Gennarino, most recently seen in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, and is perhaps going by the name of Tamiel. If all this is to be believed, she will be from a previously unseen group that doesn't have a whole community to call home, but rather a junkyard. And according to the Spoiling Dead Fans Tumblr page, it's thought that Tamiel will be a second banana to the leader of this possibly smaller group.

Fans were indeed theorizing that this unknown character was a woman, based mostly on the brief shot of the hand that was seen in the episode. Perhaps some had more to say about the style of boots being worn as well, but I'm not sure. The show brought in a female-led group with the Oceanside crew, so it would be interesting if that's how things play out with a new group as well, should one show up.

The same post claims said leader is named Jadis, and she'll reportedly be played by Pollyanna McIntosh, who is perhaps better known for her roles in the horror feature The Woman and for SundanceTV's Hap and Leonard. Jadis is said to be the character who was cast under the faux name of "Brion," and is described as being someone of few words and who knows how to put a lock on emotions, not that she'll be a robot or anything.

We wouldn't have very long to wait to meet these new arrivals, if this info pans out. Members of Rick's group will supposedly meet up with them in the midseason premiere, and the next episode will reportedly take some of the core survivors back to the new junkyard location. Apparently, that's where that weaponized walker will be found, as there's said to be a fighting arena involved.

We are, of course, keeping our skeptic's hat on here, since neither The Walking Dead nor AMC officially released this news. It could very well turn out to be one of any characters that we've already had in our speculative spotlights. Which would almost make more sense, as some fans have already waxed on about too many new areas being introduced in too short a span. I just want all characters to be interesting, no matter how many there are.

And with all this information, regardless of if it's legitimate or not, there's still no clear sign of whether these characters will be friends or foes to Rick's growing squad. I have a feeling Daryl would love to spend some time inside that battle area, against either walkers or humans, so these folks would be wise to stay amiable in these early days. Of course, amiable people don't always track unwitting targets after dark, so maybe they're already screwed.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC for the second eight episodes of Season 7 on Sunday, February 12, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what else the small screen has to offer in the near future.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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