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Our current date is a frustrating one for hardcore television viewers. With almost every cable and network show currently on hiatus, now is the time where audiences patiently wait and debate how the shows are going to end up. And no wait is quite as excruciating as AMC's The Walking Dead, which had a pretty fantastic midseason finale back in December. And while we're already halfway through TWD's seventh season, it doesn't appear that the apocalyptic drama is slowing down anytime soon. Robert Kirkman and company consistently release new comic book installments, so there is no shortage of exciting and bloody stories that can be adapted for the small screen. In fact, Kirkman recently revealed how long he'd like to see the show run.

A new issue of The Walking Dead comic was recently released, which included a special message by Robert Kirkman himself. Regarding his goals for the TV series, he revealed the following (via Comic Book):

No telling how long the show will last. Very hopeful we will last to Season 10 and beyond.

There you go, Dead Heads. It looks like our favorite anxiety-inducing TV show will have at least 3 more seasons ahead of it, although that still feels modest.

It's actually quite easy to forget that we're already in The Walking Dead's seventh season. Because of the action-packed nature of the series, it's easy to forget jus how long the show has been running. We've seen countless characters come and go- most of which suffered an agonizing zombie-related death. But since new exciting settings and survivors are constantly being introduced, it's a revolving door of death (Noah knows what I'm talking about).

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But unlike HBO's Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead has basically no chance of surpassing the comic books anytime soon. While George R.R. Martin takes years an years to complete one of his epic novels, The Walking Dead comics come out monthly. The comics obviously are much quicker to produce than the AMC show, so there should always be big plot points to look forward to.

What should be interesting is to see how the actors feel about staying on the show for so long. Ten years is a ton of time for any actor to spend on one TV show, especially one as exhausting and intense as The Walking Dead. If actors like Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, and Melissa McBride decide they've had enough blood and guts for a lifetime, it could really throw a wrench into the overall plot. We've seen show like Grey's Anatomy suffer from actors moving on, and I wouldn't be surprised if The Walking Dead faced similar challenges as the years (and seasons) go by.

Are you excited forThe Walking Dead to run to Season 10 and beyond? Sound off in the comments below.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC on February 12th, 217.

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