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The Golden Globes are always a big TV event, and viewers tune in to see everything from the big winners to the best jokes to the worst fashion mistakes. Folks don't need to have seen every TV show and every movie to enjoy something from the awards show. Unfortunately for those who were counting on watching footage online, NBC chose not to stream the ceremony, and some have been quite vocal with their anger.

NBC did advertise that people could follow live coverage of the Golden Globes on the NBC website, but the coverage is a Twitter feed mostly comprised of tweets from the official NBC and Golden Globe accounts. For any who only wanted to know who won in certain categories, the coverage via tweet is probably enough. For everyone who wanted to enjoy the spectacle and scale and live mishaps without sitting in front of a TV, the awards were not available to stream. The result is that Twitter is filled with not only stop-and-go coverage from NBC, but also plenty of tweets protesting the lack of live video coverage, and some of them are pretty great.

One young woman spoke for her whole generation by letting NBC know that millennials tend to watch as much video as possible via live-streaming. Members of the millennial demographic missed some pretty great moments if they had to skip the entire ceremony.

Another Twitter user had to resort to some classic Lucy and Ricky to tell NBC how big of a mistake it made by not streaming the Golden Globes on its website. He didn't bring any particular demographic into it, but that's a GIF that doesn't pull any punches. NBC may have a lot of 'pologizing to do in addition to the 'splaining.

Yet another Twitter user was so upset by the lack of a live-stream that she forgot to even tag the offending network, or to use any punctuation beyond an apostrophe. All she wanted in life on this night was to enjoy a night of TV and movie awards with the convenience of live video coverage, and NBC couldn't even give her that.

Hopefully those who were counting on a NBC live-stream didn't have their nights entirely ruined by the surprise absence of the live coverage. Twitter at least was filled with commentary from those who were watching live, and some of the tweets were at least as good as the jokes from host Jimmy Fallon during the ceremony.

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