New Walking Dead Video Shows Us How To Kick A Zombie To Death, Crush The Apocalypse

Over on The Walking Dead, the survivors have been forced to ward off zombie-related deaths in some magnificently crazy ways, from avoiding the well-walker to blowing a bunch of them to smithereens. In the video below, taken from the filming of Season 7's "Swear," executive producer and effects extraordinaire Greg Nicotero and actress Alanna Masterson show us that not all safety measures need to be big and boisterous, and sometimes winning in the apocalypse just comes down to kicking the shit out of a walker's face.

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Did anyone else feel a small layer of aggression get peeled back by watching that video? I tried playing it over and over again, to see if all of those layers would get stripped away to the point where Bobby McFerrin started playing on my computer, but it didn't work. Though I'm not mad about it.

For the episode in question, one of Season 7's many standalone installments, Tara and Heath faced some big walker problems on a bridge (that Heath later disappeared from). A few walkers made surprise arrivals from within the big pile of sand and toppled vehicles that was so clearly hiding walkers, and that's when Tara had to use her boot-plowing skills to survive the day. Perhaps she was involved in a small production of Stomp in her youth.

That's a pretty sweet way to get through a work day, too. The Walking Dead cast goes through some tumultuous times on the set, don't get me wrong, but there is a fine time to be had in wailing on a bleeding prosthetic and laughing with one of your bosses when his face gets splattered with some of the faux carnage. I can think of a former employer or two whose head I'd like to demolish like that. Not now or anything, but perhaps after society collapses...

And here's what that moment looked like during the actual episode, but with a similar lack of intense music.

That bit that actually aired was totally missing like 17 kicks. She should have been able to get all of them buried in that walker's face before pulling her gun out. The situation may not have called for it, but the situation didn't exactly call for Daryl to beat Fat Joseph's head in, or for Arat to shoot Olivia. Tara's boots were made for walkin'...dead faces, and that's just what they should do.

The Walking Dead will finally return to AMC and to hungry viewers on Sunday, February 12, for the back half of Season 7. To see what else is coming to the small screen in the future, head to our midseason premiere schedule.

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