How The Blacklist Spinoff Is Going To Work On NBC

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If you've been keeping tabs on The Blacklist spinoff, you should already know that one of the series' main characters, Tom Keen, will be making the transition between The Blacklist and The Blacklist: Redemption. We've been wondering for a while how the show would transition Ryan Eggold's character from one series to the other, but at TCA this week we finally got the answer. The Blacklist: Redemption is literally moving into the gap between The Blacklist episodes. Here's how that will work.

The Blacklist returned from winter hiatus on January 5 and will continue airing on NBC through its 15th episode. After that time, The Blacklist: Redemption will immediately start airing. That's right, on February 23, NBC is giving the two shows a two-hour block in which to air so that one show will sign off and the next one will sign on fluidly. Redemption will then run for eight episodes in the regular The Blacklist timeslot and when it has reached the end of its first season, The Blacklist will come back.

What this does, according to executive producer John Eisendrath, is allows Tom Keen to exist on both shows. In fact, here's what he had to say about the character at TCA (via Deadline).

Tom Keen walks from one episode into the next.

The show also confirmed there are plans to keep Tom Keen on the flagship series, so even if The Blacklist: Redemption doesn't work out over the long haul, he will still be around. That's good news for fans, considering there was speculation he would be completely leaving the original series. For a character that was supposed to be killed off of The Blacklist earlier during its run, Tom Keen's arc has been incredibly interesting--and lucrative for Ryan Eggold.

From what we know of Redemption, the series will follow Tom Keen looking into his own background, much like the mother of his child Elizabeth Keen does on the original NBC drama. He'll be working with his mother, Susan (Famke Janssen), as an undercover operative. His father, who will be played by Terry O'Quinn, will also play a role in the spinoff. The Blacklist has already done a great job of setting the spinoff up and introducing Famke Janssen's character. Other characters from The Blacklist will also play a part in the spinoff.

For now, it's just really good to know how this whole spinoff stuff is going to work in the schedule. I think it's actually a pretty bold move to air during the gap, as efforts like this haven't always worked out super well in the past. (Think: Agent Carter or Once Upon A Time In Wonderland.) Still, if people end up being interested in Redemption, this could be a good way to keep The Blacklist gravy train rolling during future hiatuses. Tune in on February 23 to find out if the spinoff is up your alley.

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