A Blacklist Actor Is Headed To The Spinoff

The Blacklist has a lot of intriguing and/or likable characters. As it turns out, NBC’s drama won’t be keeping all of them to itself. Instead, The Blacklist is getting an NBC spinoff, and one actor from the original show is set to co-star in the upcoming project. That actor is Edi Gathegi, who actually played a villain during Season 3. That’s right, Mr.Solomon will be a part of the new pilot.

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So, what will Mr. Solomon be doing? Currently, Deadline and other outlets don’t know exactly what the Cabal man will be up to, but he’ll be unlikely to be stalking Red at the time, as the spinoff will actually star Famke Janssen. Other Blacklist regular Ryan Eggold, who plays Tom on the original series, is also expected to be a major part of the spinoff.

We’ll get an idea of what all the above should look like very soon, however. Early reports indicate The Blacklist will feature a backdoor pilot for the spinoff, similar to how Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med spun off from Chicago Fire and so on and so forth. That episode is expected to appear in the schedule on May 12, although Famke Janssen will actually appear on the original Blacklist for the first time the week prior.

Obviously, this potential spinoff still hasn’t officially been picked up by NBC. Instead, the network is going to air the episode that features characters from both shows in order to see how audiences react to more of The Blacklist in their lives. If all goes well, we’ll likely be seeing the spinoff on the schedule next fall, probably with a The Blacklist: Los Angeles sort of moniker. We’ll let you know what title the network settles on as the pilot comes together.

We do know one big detail about how this spinoff was conceived. Rumor has it the show is going to take Tom from the original series and put him in the same sort of relationship with Famke Janssen’s character, Scottie, that Liz and Red have. That doesn’t actually really tell us a lot, but it does sound intriguing, to say the least.

The Blacklist has been one of NBC's highest-rated programs for years, and was a shining light in the drama schedule just a few years ago, when the network was having trouble finding its footing against competition on other networks, cable and even streaming services. With that in mind, it's not a shock the network is producing a potential spinoff. In fact, the bigger shock is that NBC didn't order this a couple of years ago.

Regardless, it seems to be coming together now. The network has already renewed The Blacklist for Season 4 and we should know in May whether or not the channel will be bringing this second series into the fold. In the meantime, you can find out what NBC has coming up this summer with our TV premiere schedule.

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