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This Is Us has basically taken the TV world by storm this season, with both critics and audiences responding to its heart-tugging, time-hopping brand of family drama. Now that the show has been renewed for Season 2 and 3, let's take a look at what we can expect from the next season. Be sure to check back in on this article, as it will be updated as new information about Season 2 of This Is Us becomes available. Now, let's get to what we know so far about Season 2.

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Is This Is Us Renewed?

The Big Three aren't going anywhere any time soon. Considering that This Is Us had people talking way back in May of 2016, months before the show had even premiered, and that it then went on to be one of the biggest hits of the fall, it's no surprise that the show was renewed in January. What was a surprise, though, was that NBC had enough faith in the freshman series to renew it for not one, but two additional seasons. This means that fans of the family drama can count on seeing it for at least a full three seasons. Each of the new seasons will have at least 18 episodes, so we can all revel in the fact that 36 will remain an important number even as Kate, Kevin and Randall age on screen.

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When Will This Is Us Season 2 Start?

It's still too early to tell exactly when This Is Us Season 2 will start, but a good bet would be sometime in September 2017, as the series debuted on September 20, 2016. But, networks regularly move around the premiere dates of their returning shows, so it wouldn't be impossible for the second season to debut as late as sometime in October. We'll just have to wait and see.

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What's The Story Of This Is Us Season 2?

Details on what's ahead for This Is Us are slim right now; however Season 1 left off with some clues. The Season 1 finale focused almost entirely on the start (and potentially the end) of Jack and Rebecca's relationship. Mixing the events that led to their meeting with the events that led to their marital separation, Season 1 delivered one more incredibly emotional scene as Jack told Rebecca that she was his big break, after which he left to spend some time apart. So we still don't know how Jack will eventually die, and it seems like there's more story to go for these two, whatever lies ahead. Invest in tissues.

As for the Pearson offspring, though they weren't featured heavily in the finale, we did get a glimpse of each of them, offering a clue or two about what may be in store for them in the coming season. Kate was seen looking at a photo of her mother singing, and announcing to Toby that she wants to sing. So we may be seeing her behind the mic in Season 2. Kevin has the chance of a life time in the form of a meeting with Ron Howard and a potentially major movie role. This seems like it's set up to be a huge crossroads situation, in which he might have to choose between a massive leap in his career and a second shot at the love of his life.

Finally, Randall tells his wife he wants to adopt a child. It's not hard to understand why he'd consider that option, given that he's adopted. Of course, adopting another child obviously means having another child, and who knows if Beth is really up for it? The fact that Randall's recently unemployed could factor into the decision one way or another. On one hand, if he's not actively seeking new employment, that would give him time to be around for a baby. On the other hand, adopting a child isn't cheap, so money could easily be a factor.

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Jack And Rebecca

Given the events of Season 1, it's probably an understatement to say that everyone's favorite couple has already been through some serious ups and downs. We've seen them lose a child, adopt another one, deal with Randall's desire to meet his biological parents, and overcome Jack's alcoholism. The good thing, though, is that there's still a lot for us to learn about the couple. We still don't know how they met or much about how either of them grew up. We know when Jack died, but we still don't know what the circumstances surrounding his death were, and we have no idea how Rebecca ended up with Jack's best friend Miguel. Season 2 ended with the two of them separating, though it seemed very evident that there's still a lot of love between them.

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Kate Pearson has a lot going on. She's decided to get serious about her health and losing weight at 36, after realizing that her dream of marrying and having a family wouldn't happen otherwise. So, during the first half of Season 1, she decided to join a support group, met her boyfriend Toby there, decided to have gastric bypass surgery and then soured on the idea after Toby had to have surgery to deal with his heart condition. Oh, yeah, and she was also fired as Kevin's personal assistant when he decided to abandon Hollywood, in the hopes that she'd start to build a life that wasn't so centered on him. Nice thought, Kevin, but now your sister is jobless. Kate's up-in-the-air career and her decision to marry Toby, not to mention her weight loss journey and issues with self-esteem and Rebecca would all be good fodder for Season 2. Kate was last seen telling Toby that she wants to sing.

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Whoa, boy. Things got really complicated for Randall during Season 1, didn't they? He finally found his birth dad, but quickly learned that William was dying of cancer, and got a bit of a shock when he learned that he was bisexual. But, that shock was nothing compared to the one he got when he found out that Rebecca had kept William out of his life for all those years, seeing as how she actually knew how to find him for a significant portion of Randall's childhood. Randall grew close with his biological father over the course of Season 1, and then suffered the heartbreak of losing him when William finally passed away. While it's unlikely he'll ever fully get over his mother's decision to keep William out of his life, Rebecca did offer a tearful apology to him, and that hopefully means their relationship is on the road to recovery. After receiving an impersonal condolence floral bouquet from the job he's been overworking at for so many years, Randall decided to up and quit the firm, determined to start the next chapter of his life. And in the Season 1 finale, we learned that may include adopting a baby.

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Kevin's journey so far on This Is Us has been mostly about him getting tired of his famous sitcom actor bachelor life and the job that gave him that status. He had a very public meltdown on his TV show, quit, fired his sister and moved to New York to try doing work with some substance, mostly in the form of starring in a play. Of course, that led to him romancing both his co-star in the play and the writer of the production, which, in turn, led to him feeling torn between the two women. Until, that is, he had a conversation with Toby, and decided to try getting back together with Sophie, the long-ago-divorced-from ex-wife we didn't even know he had. This relationship seems to have been a sort of tortured one, but the two seemed to be reconnecting when Season 1 wrapped up. And then Kevin received the call many aspiring film stars dream of. Ron Howard saw his play and wants to talk to him about a starring role in his new movie. But it shoots in Los Angeles. It seems like Kevin may have a big decision to make, as a move back to L.A. could impact whatever future he might have with Sophie.

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Are There Any New Characters Planned For This Is Us Season 2?

It's still too early to tell if any additional significant characters will be brought on for Season 2 of This Is Us, but there are loads of possibilities, since we're talking about a show that has already surrounded the Pearson family with a lot of interesting side characters. We have yet to meet any of Beth's large family, so they could come into play in Season 2, not to mention more of Randall's biological family. Kate is planning to marry Toby, so we might meet some of his folks as well. And, we have no idea what Rebecca does when she's not with her kids or Miguel, so there could be lots of opportunities for new characters there, also.

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