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Season 7 of The Walking Dead has been an doozy. What started with an absolutely explosive and heart wrenching premiere episode quickly flipped gears in its following episodes. Because in order to set up the impending war with Negan and The Saviors, TWD had to take its time and establish a ton of different communities. Additionally, much of the first half of the season revolved around Rick's defeat, guilt, and attempts to keep the Alexandrians alive. This slow pace and lack of action proved maddening for some fans, leading to drops in viewership. But all that should change with the midseason premiere.

The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly about the future of Season 7. Regarding the midseason premiere, Gimple revealed a tidbit which should make diehard fans very happy. The real Rick Grimes is coming back.

Before the end of that very first episode back, you will see Rick Grimes smile.

Give the man a hairbrush and a razor because the real Rick Grimes is back, smile and all. And it's about time.

Season 7 of The Walking Dead saw a new type of Rick. The ego and confidence he had in Season 6's finale was completely wiped out by Negan's psychological warfare, and a shell of a man took his place. And while Carl, Michonne, and Maggie attempted to convince Rick to rise up, he was emotionally broken.

the walking dead's rick

But this changed in the midseason finale. Because despite nearly dying to bring The Saviors supplies, Rick saw Aaron brutally attacked by one of Negan's henchmen. When the two eventually rejoined the group, he saw Olivia the pantry lady suddenly shot by Arat, despite her innocence in Rosita's plan to execute the villain. Clearly working for The Saviors is not going to work, and people are going to continue to die.

Cut to the empowering final scene of the midseason finale, with our group of survivors regrouping for the first time since Glenn and Abraham died. Rick admitted that Maggie was right all along, and he received his signature Colt Python from Daryl. It seemed like Rick might be returning to his former position as a badass and deadly leader, and now Scott Gimple's statement seems to confirm this.

All of the reports from Walking Dead cast members and creatives make it seem like the second half of Season 7 will be action-packed. With the groundwork laid out, we can finally see the war between The Saviors and the other communities erupt. Additionally, the threat of a new horde of walkers may be in the background, as is the mysterious figure who was seen watching Rick and Aaron. With so many balls in the air, we can expect plenty of action, bloodshed, and Rick Grimes badassery.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC on February 12th.

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