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The Walking Dead is heading for hard days, to be sure, but brighter ones in some ways, as Team Family begins coordinating efforts to lead a revolt against Negan and the Saviors. Understandably, those won't be the smoothest efforts, and Rick's group faces opposition soon into the group-building. As you might have imagined, one character who voices displeasure with the mutinous plan is Hilltop leader Gregory. Actress Sonequa Martin-Green spoke out about Gregory's resistance in some detail, saying:

And so this is someone who has no backbone, who acts out of fear, and that's someone who is not a team player, who cannot be trusted, who you can't link yourself up with because he's not going to be dependable, and he might break teams. He might hinder the mission. So I have very little respect for him. Actually, I have no respect for him. So that's definitely going to be difficult in my mind to get him on board, even to understand what we're doing, and beyond that, contribute to what we're doing.

The equivalent of telling Gregory to go jump in a ditch and die, Sonequa Martin-Green's words offer up what could be another layer in Sasha's next chapter. From the little we got to see of her in Season 7 so far, we know that she's got her mental crosshairs on Negan's big no-longer-bearded face, so Sasha already has a monumental task in front of her. Perhaps the spineless and misogynistic Gregory would be the perfect kind of batting practice to give Sasha confidence in her grand scheme.


On the other hand, Sasha might not need to distract herself with trying to bring Gregory into the fold. The odds are already stacked against her taller than 10 Simons standing atop each other's shoulders, simply because Negan is a beast and isn't meant to be taken down by a single character, or even a small handful. At least according to the comics, where Sasha did not exist.

And even if everyone could talk Gregory into helping them take Negan down, Sonequa Martin-Green doesn't exactly make him sound like he'd be a real asset in talking with EW.

I don't want to say that's a fool's errand, but I think, to me, it seems virtually impossible. And then with anyone else, it's going to be tough, because there's politics, like you said, and there's people's intentions, and there's people's hearts, and there's people's courage. Where is this person in terms of that? How willing are they to go into battle and sacrifice themselves for the greater good? Where's your courage meter at, and Gregory, in my opinion, is at a zero.

I could be wrong, but my faith in Sasha and Maggie and Jesus convincing Gregory to fight the opposition is at a zero. So eff that dude. Sasha should keep her eyes on the prize, considering her eyes might not be around for that much longer. Sonequa Martin-Green was cast in the lead role for CBS' upcoming series Star Trek: Discovery, which has many thinking she will meet her doom in the back half of Season 7. I bet Gregory wouldn't even go to her makeshift funeral, either, the jerk.

The Walking Dead will finally return to AMC from its winter hiatus on Sunday, February 12, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what else is returning and debuting in the coming months.

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