Watch Billy Crystal And Daniel Stern Join Westworld For A Hilarious City Slickers Crossover

Of all the crossovers happening with TV shows these days, I suppose that nothing should ever be surprising. But once you become accustomed to only watching the superhero team-ups of The CW's Arrow-verse or the public service groupings of NBC's Chicago dramas, it's harder to open the mind up for more esoteric pairings. Pairings such as the one in the video below, in which HBO's hit sci-fi thriller Westworld is visited by a pair of new hosts in the form of City Slickers' Mitch and Phil, as played by Billy Crystal and Daniel Stern. It's too good to miss.

The last time audiences got to see Billy Crystal's Mitch Robbins and Daniel Stern's Phil Berquist, it was for 1994's somewhat disappointing sequel City Slickers 2: The Legend of Curly's Gold. And it's like the past 23 years didn't even happen once Crystal and Stern are on screen together for this Funny or Die clip. The actors are just so excellent, both together and apart. Even if they do both have all of their actions already planned out.

While Funny or Die is no slouch when it comes to putting money where the funny is, who would have expected this to be such a legit crossover, thanks to the use of some of the show's sets, as well as a handful of stars. That's security whiz Ashley Stubbs there, as played by Luke Hemsworth, making Mitch slap himself for speaking the name Hemsworth. And that's indeed the morally wavering Sylvester, played by Ptolemy Slocum, finally not having to deal with Lutz and Maeve threatening him. Stick around for the end, and you'll see Angela Sarafyan poke her head in as Clementine.

Speaking of poking heads in, Clementine and Mitch go off to do the nasty, which hopefully won't automatically come to mind the next time I see the character in the actual show. We'd most certainly not be livin' the life in that situation. Although watching Mitch and Phil cuddle for warmth might make for a more harrowing sequence.

As funny as this clip is, it's also kind of depressing that Bruno Kirby isn't still around to have taken part. It probably would have been extremely dark and not worth it for the Funny or Die guys to develop a Bruno Kirby host to use in the background. He could have slapped some sense into Mitch, though.

Westworld sadly won't be back on TV for quite a while, as Season 2 isn't scheduled to show up on HBO until somewhere around the end of the universe. Or, you know, maybe just 2018. Until then, though, you can head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what else is hitting the small screen in the near future.

Nick Venable
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