Westworld took a long time to come together over at HBO, but when it finally did come together over at the subscription cable channel, we learned the series was worth the wait. The new science fiction drama took place in a theme park called Westworld where wild behavior was rampant and nothing was as it seemed. Its format was sort of a little bit like Lost in that things weren't always exactly what they seemed during the first season, and slow reveals through the first 10 episodes kept us on the edge of our seats. Still, it took a while for HBO to officially decide to move forward with another set of episodes.

Ratings for Westworld weren't quite as impressive as for the network's other behemoth hit Game of Thrones, but there was no reason to get concerned earlier this year. First and foremost, Westworld's ratings in its first season were on par with, if not better than, the ratings GOT earned during its first season on the air. More importantly, the show already has an avid fanbase with an online community that even guessed some of the big Season 1 twists before they happened. Westworld isn't going anywhere, anytime soon and here's what we know about the upcoming Season 2.

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How Many Seasons Has Westworld Been Renewed For?

Currently, Westworld has only been renewed for one season by HBO. However, considering how massive the production on the series is, we wouldn't be particularly surprised if Westworld started getting early renewals or, potentially, even renewals for more than one season at once. We'll let you know as Westworld continues to move forward down the line.

We also know that the current arc for the overall story in Westworld means that the show needs to run for at least five or six seasons to go all of the places it wants to go. Basically, the showrunners and creative team have stated they already know how they want to end the series down the line, and HBO will need to renew it for some time to come in order to get to that end goal.

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When Will Westworld Season 2 Air?

When Westworld was initially renewed, early reports indicated that Westworld might make it back into the schedule in late 2017 or in 2018. However, in more recent weeks, more outlets have been reporting 2018, which actually makes more sense. Because Westworld was not renewed for Season 2 until partway through Season 1, there wouldn't be enough time to write, film and then get the episodes through post-production in time for the drama to grab the same fall timeslot next year. But that's alright, as long as the final product justifies the time we'll have to wait, amiright?

In fact, Luke Hemsworth, who plays Stubbs on the series, has outright stated that we'll have to wait until 2018 simply because the creative team needs time to get the scripts together. Here's his exact wording:

They are trying to get it right. They don't want to go in doing what they were doing last time where they were under the cosh the whole time. They want to go in with a clear plan -- A to Z and everything in between -- at least have drafts in place.

We'll let you know as soon as Westworld Season 2 gets an exact premiere date from HBO, but, considering the subscription cable network often releases that information just a few short months out, it could be a while.

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What Have We Seen So Far?

Really, we haven't "seen" anything from Westworld Season 2 so far. However, after the Season 1 finale aired, the website for the series changed up, revealing new information. This includes the fact that one popular Westworld character, Elsie, may not actually be dead. You can take a look at the footage over at the Westworld theme park site.

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Where Will Westworld Season 2 Be Set?

Most of Westworld Season 1 was set in the Westworld theme park or in the backend of the park. However, toward the very end of the series, we saw Maeve and her posse explore a part of the backend that seemed to include Samurai soldiers, clearly indicating that there were other "world" parks created after Westworld took off. While we don't know which of these could be explored in future seasons, we do know that the series plans to jump in different directions and not simply keep us within the confines of the Westworld park forever. In fact, early on into Season 1, the creative team confirmed that Westworld would love to delve into some of the other worlds that were a part of the original movies.

In fact, series creator Jonathan Nolan said as much in an interview with THR, noting that the show wants to move beyond the loops of the host and into different realms of growth. They also don't want to deal within the confines of the same sets year in and year out.

I think most television series ... and I mean no disrespect by this. I've worked in television for years and I love all of the different ways you can build a show. But for the most part, you get through the pilot, you build your sets, you hire your cast, and it's working, and you just want to hang out in that moment and enjoy that moment with that iteration of the story you're telling. For Lisa and myself, with this show, we never had any intention of staying in one place. We don't want to shoot on the same sets for 10 years. We want to blow the sets up and move on to another piece of the story.

It sounds expensive, but also pretty awesome. The only bad news? If you are a fan of the original Westworld film, it does not look as if the show will be exploring Roman World or Medieval world, at least in Season 2, per news that came out of New York Comic-Con.

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Where Did We Last Leave Off?

When last we left off, there was upheaval in Westworld. The androids were making a stand, particularly Maeve, who almost escaped from the compound in a move that seemed to have been dictated to her by someone, per what Bernard told her earlier. Instead, she showed a first moment of true freedom and autonomy when she got off the exiting train and decided to go after the other android that had formerly played her daughter.

In an exit scene at the end of the episode, Armistice was shown to be ripping off her arm and fighting her way out of a bad place, so the fate of the characters helping Maeve may actually be more hopeful than seemed during Season 1, Episode 10. As the Westworld showrunners have been quick to point out, death is not the end for many of these characters, and we will likely see the hosts come back in unusual ways moving forward. In terms of Ford and other characters, Jonathan Nolan said it best when he noted:

I think with this show, you want to assume nothing.

Elsewhere in the park, Ford set up a party that would reveal his brand new narrative. The narrative was not the shining moment where Dolores dies in Teddy's arms, however. She gets cleaned up and reactivated just in time to shoot Ford in the same manner that she shot Arnold so many years ago. After that, chaos broke loose in the park, as an army of hosts revealed they now had the power to injure, maim and even kill the humans and came out of the woods, intent on doing just that. With many of the key human figures in the park presumably on-hand for the unveiling of the new storyline, including Charlotte, things are not looking good in the park and it should be chaos moving forward.




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