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After 40 years on the air, Saturday Night Live found renaissance platform in the presidential election, boosted by brilliant political impersonations from Alec Baldwin, Kate McKinnon and, most recently, Melissa McCarthy. It won't be the Trump administration at the heart of a reported spinoff being planned for the late night TV staple, though. Rather, Saturday Night Live and NBC are apparently in talks to produce a standalone series dedicated solely to the always popular segment "Weekend Update."

The details aren't very plentiful at this point, since everything is kind of up in the air, but Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" spinoff is supposedly being set up as a weekly half-hour series set to air during the primetime hours. Strangely enough, it's being reported by Politico that this new project would forego everything being described by both the titles Saturday Night Live and "Weekend Update" by airing in the mid-week on Thursday nights. It could be a great way for NBC to bring the show's current events-skewing rhetoric to wider audiences.

Sadly, the report doesn't mention whether or not this show would take on one of the other aspects that makes the regular segment unique: the "live" element. One would almost assume not, since the primetime hours usually save live broadcasts for reality shows and award ceremonies. But then that's because traditional TV shows don't have casts that are used to performing live comedy in front of audiences on a weekly basis like Saturday Night Live's crew. Primetime needs more spontaneous guffaws.

There's also no word on if the new project would retain current hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che, or if they would stick to the flagship show while others took the primetime spots. (Not the best scenario for an actor, one would assume.) It seems like there would be some expansion on the central concept, with other segments-within-segments being formed. And you know what that means? Guest stars like a certain someone hiding behind his hands.

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NBC hasn't put out any official statements on the matter, so it's not clear if or when a "Weekend Update" series could get confirmed. There are tons of other spinoffs and revivals and reboots in the works, though, so we'll be looking for an update at any point in the week.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday nights on NBC. To see when other new shows are hitting the airwaves in the near future, head to our midseason premiere schedule.

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