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This Is Us has had an awesome Season 1, and things only look like they're going to get better for the season finale. Unfortunately, that episode is going to be nudged back a week. The season capper, which was originally going to air on March 7th, has now been bumped to March 14th. Why? President Trump has something to say the week prior.

This Is Us Season 1

President Trump will hold a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, February 28th. The session, which is typical of all modern Presidents, will be an opportunity for the POTUS to address his view on the current state of the nation and the shared agenda amongst both parties. The meeting is similar in tone to a State of the Union address, but a lot less formal and there are other politicians present when it takes place. The session is an opportunity for the nation to hear a formal address of the President and his agenda for the United States and various hot button issues. So there's lots of drama, but it's drama that doesn't have triplets and timeline switches involved.

All major networks will be broadcasting the event live, and This Is Us will not be the only show affected. If that evening plays out like many have before, ABC, CBS and FOX could see a shift in their Tuesday night schedules to match NBC's changes. with press coverage before and after the event bleeding into the primetime viewing hours of that Tuesday. The Bachelor, NCIS, New Girl, and Fresh Of The Boat all air at that time, so they'll be affected, and it's possible cable networks may opt to run reruns knowing presidential addresses typically pull a large audience. One may even refer to those numbers as YUGE.

Additionally, TVLine is reporting NBC's freshman comedy Trial and Error will see its series premiere also pushed from March 7 to March 14, It appears as if NBC wanted to keep the comedy's debut as the specific follow-up to This Is Us' finale, which is sure to bring in a ton of viewers.

This Is Us, as well as the other shows mentioned, have already had to change viewing schedules thanks to another President earlier this year. The nation once again tuned in when former President Barack Obama gave his farewell address to the nation, and shows were put on hold during the speech. I'm not certain, but I'd think the timeslot is always premeditated and intentional. I know if I were President and wanted to get people's attention, I would instruct my team to make sure it runs when as many people were in front of their televisions as possible! Actually, maybe I'd be a cool President and tweet out, "Tune in after The Walking Dead," and maybe do my own Talking Dead episode with Chris Hardwick prior to my address. If only we could ever have a President so cool.

While I appreciate our President taking the time to address the people, I'm pretty bummed out I have to wait another week for This Is Us. The series has so many directions it could go at this point that I have to wonder exactly where things will end up when we reach the season finale. I guess I now have more time to speculate, whether I like it or not! Looking at our midseason premiere guide, it doesn't look like the address will conflict with anything else, but there are some great shows premiering the day before. Be sure to check it out!

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