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Rick and the gang look like they may be in a bit of trouble (aren't they always) in this new clip for the return of The Walking Dead, which is finally back in rotation this Sunday. Take a look at the explosive upcoming clip from the midseason premiere and continue on, below.

In the clip, Rick and the survivors rolled up on a barricade of vehicles. After some discussion, Rick decided to move the vehicles so they could go on through, but put the vehicles back so as not to alert the Saviors of their movement. In the midst of moving, Michonne made an explosive discovery and the scene ended with a sweaty Rick checking out a chain of explosives tied to a device. I kept thinking while watching that the task must be such a long thing to accomplish! Getting all of those cars moved would take an hour alone, and then rolling them back? I'm getting off task here, obviously, and the important thing to focus on with this Walking Dead footage are these rigged explosives. Of course, those who are putting their thinking caps on already know where they came from.

These are likely the same explosives made by none other than Fat Joey. You remember Fat Joey right? If you don't, he was the nice savior who got his face unwillingly rearranged by Daryl after he escaped from Negan's grasp. For those who don't remember, Fat Joey is one of the Saviors who has more brains than he does brawn. As we've mentioned in past coverage, Joey planted these explosives around the communities in an effort to keep everyone safe from a big herd of walkers who were in the area. If you missed that whole thing don't feel bad, as it was only mentioned in passing by a couple of characters throughout the season.

With Joey gone and the explosives still active, it's likely we're going to be seeing more walkers going after Rick's group and Saviors alike. There's something to Rick finding the explosives though in that clip that makes me wonder whether they're going to scheme to use the explosives against the Saviors in some sort of sabotage. In all honesty, they could probably do plenty of damage removing them and letting the walkers do their thing! Then again, walker chaos also leaves the survivors just as vulnerable when they're already in a tight spot. Maybe they can just make a mental note of it and lead the Saviors into a trap?

Perhaps, bringing back walkers will be the strategy for escaping Negan's grasp. While I think the survivors and communities now have a better shot with Rick finally getting motivated and ready to act, I think a little walker chaos could definitely tip the scales in favor of the good guys. Then again, all the people we want to win are pretty scarce on weapons, so maybe walkers are the last thing you want in that situation.

I know many fans would like to see walkers become more relevant, as the pacing has been slower this season with more personal drama. Personally, Season 7 has been great for me, simply because I feel it has broken up the nonstop walker action. I also have to give the The Walking Dead credit for continuing my nightmares in which I see Glenn get murdered, I don't think I'm ever gonna shake that image. Getting away from what's comfortable breaks the formula that can at times make things repetitive in a series that has run as long as The Walking Dead. If you don't agree with me, don't worry, I'm sure the walkers will be back sooner than later! The Walking Dead is set to return this Sunday on AMC at 9 PM EST. Be sure to tune in, and maybe also check out our midseason premiere guide for anything else that may be returning that evening.

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