Fox’s Lucifer Was Just Hit With A Major Lawsuit


Nobody likes getting sued, but when you work in the entertainment industry, which conducts most of its business behind closed doors, a lawsuit is basically an occupational hazard. This is what Lucifer finds itself dealing with this week as the FOX drama and Warner Bros. Entertainment find themselves on the receiving end of a lawsuit. The composers of the Lucifer theme song are suing Warner Bros over copyright claims to the music they created for the show.

According to The Wrap, Robert and Aron Marderosian are suing Lucifer and Warner Bros. over their mistreatment for the work that they did for the company. The Marderosians (the Plaintiffs) composed and performed the Lucifer main title theme and claim that Warner Bros. (the Defendants) has "commercially used, broadcast and exploited the 'Lucifer' main title theme" without any agreement with the Plaintiffs. Essentially, Warner Bros. believes they own the song and have used it in various material in disregard to the composers, who believe that the song belongs to them.

It seems unusual that there is such a dispute over who owns the song, seeing as how this sort of thing is all worked out when the talent is first employed. As the lawsuit goes on to explain, the Marderosians were approached to write the song in October 2015 by composer Marco E. Beltrami -- also listed as a defendant -- who was originally hired to write the theme. Beltrami was "desperate" and "not able to capture the essence" of what Warner Bros. and NS Pictures were looking for in the main title theme. The Marderosians agreed to sign on in exchange for co-writer credits, onscreen credits, and to "retain all of the publishing rights to the composition" should it be selected.

The Marderosian version was indeed selected, but Marco E. Beltrami apparently didn't tell Warner Bros. about his deal with the Marderosians and passed the work off as his own. Whoops! As it stands now, the Marderosians have yet to receive any form of credit for their work or any "compensation or portion of any payments that may have been made." Apparently, the writing duo has repeatedly tried to settle this out of court on good faith but obviously, their hand has been forced.

It's unknown how much the Marderosians are looking for in damages. These things are rarely open and shut cases and we'll see how long this lawsuit goes on for before someone caves. If what's in the lawsuit is true, then the composers are certainly entitled to be paid and credited for their work, but it seems a little strange that they negotiated with a third-party and took him for his word.

You can hear the song in question -- which is six seconds long -- on Lucifer, which airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. E.T. on FOX.

Matt Wood

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