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When it comes to delivering what fans want, few TV shows are doing it as well as NBC's This Is Us, which is appeasing millions and millions of viewers who are seeking out emotional catharsis on a weekly basis. Most of those feelings come from seeing what the actors are doing on the screen, but one lucky and shocked fan got to experience something a lot more up close and personal. Star Milo Ventimiglia stopped by The Tonight Show and shared this adorable story with host Jimmy Fallon.

So we were filming in Los Angeles - we were off of the lot - and my makeup artist Zoe Hay comes up to me, and she goes, 'Mi, the neighbor (where we were filming) is actually watching the show right now.' So we walk out in front and their drapes are wide open, and it's this huge Hancock Park window, and I'm like, 'Wow, they're watching us.' And I said, 'Zoe, get your camera out...' And I just walk up there and I knock on the door...and they're watching the show and we're filming the show next door. 'Hi, I'm Milo Ventimiglia. You're watching us. We're filming us. And this is us!' It was crazy.

Can you imagine what that night must have been like for the fan in question? Hopefully he wasn't the kind of person who dedicated every Tuesday evening to cutting off communication with the world so that he could watch This Is Us and sob in absolute peace. I suppose having one of This Is Us' super-talented cast members popping by would be a welcome exception to any self-imposed rules. If it's Milo Ventimiglia's Peter Petrelli from Heroes, it's okay to be wary, but his Jack Pearson is more than welcome into everyone's homes. Especially if he's willing to share some details about what killed him.

I have had a couple of amazingly weird coincidences in my life, along with other experiences that seemed like once-in-a-lifetime happenings, but never have I had the pleasure of having a TV show interrupted by one of its stars knocking on my door after I was voyeuristically watched from afar. (I'm assuming I haven't been watched by any voyeurs at all, be they TV stars or not.) That would be almost like having Elton John pull up next to your car when you're in the middle of belting out "Crocodile Rock" at a red light.

This Is Us is currently one of the most popular new shows on TV, with a key demographic rating that other shows would kill for; and not just new series, either. Creator Dan Fogelman and his creative team have crafted a timeline-spanning drama that connects with scores of viewers for many reasons, though the concept of "family" sits highest. The fan that Milo Ventimiglia surprised looks like he fits right into that 18-49 demo, too, as you can see in the Tonight Show clip below. (Spoiler: Ventimiglia unfortunately doesn't have a knife sticking out of his neck or any other clear signs of what could have happened to Jack.)

This Is Us airs on NBC on Tuesday nights, with just two more episodes left in its acclaimed first season, and you can find the penultimate installment airing on March 7 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Check out what we thought about the show's latest powerful tragedy and then head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what's left to debut in early 2017.

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