People Really Want To See More Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Here's What Is Happening

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You'll never hear a more varied response than when you ask a group of Star Trek fans which series is the best series. Each series has such interesting casts, storylines and dynamics that are so personal you'll rarely find a room full of fans who will all decisively say which series is the best. That said, it seems like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine seems to have a fair number of followers, as a crowdfunding effort for a documentary on the series has blown up with donations.

It didn't take long for What We Left Behind: Looking Back At Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to hit its crowdfunding goal of $148,978. Thanks to fans who love the franchise, the project has brought in well beyond that. Currently, the documentary sits just short of $390,000, and with 11 days left to donate, that number is sure to go up. Out of 5,681 donators, the average donation amount comes in around $66.32, which is quite a chunk of change for a project of this ilk. Part of this is fans really wanting to see a documentary about Deep Space Nine, but I'd like to believe another part of it is the crazy perks for donating to the cause. For example, if you're willing to drop $200 on funding this documentary, not only will you get a copy of the film and other swag, but you'll also get Tribble themed cookies baked by none other than actress Terry Farrell (Dax). That's definitely some unique memorabilia you won't see too many Star Trek fans with!

What We Left Behind will give Star Trek fans an in-depth look behind the series and what made it as popular as it is today. The project is expected to take viewers on a journey from the series' beginnings in 1993 when Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was considered to be a black sheep of the franchise, all the way to the present where it's still celebrated by many. The documentary will feature cast interviews, behind-the-scenes information, and a "brainstorming section," in which previous writers and cast from the series will discuss a theoretical Season 8 for the show. You can see why these fans are so excited to make this happen.

What We Left Behind isn't just some fans who really love Star Trek: Deep Space Nine either, this whole thing is being run by the people who were there. The crowdfunding effort and documentary was headed up by DS9 showrunner Stephen Ira Behr, which is sweet. Crowdfundinsider notes the documentary itself is being directed by the son of actor Leonard Nimoy (Spock), Adam Nimoy. This will be Nimoy's second Star Trek centered documentary, the first one being For The Love Of Spock.

The response to What We Left Behind is proof that Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is just as popular, if not more popular, today than it was back in 1993. All this Star Trek love makes me wonder if the new Star Trek series will get as much traction when it finally premieres. That series is still in development, but with as many shows as we have on our midseason premiere guide, you have plenty of options coming up to bide your time.

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