Star Trek: Discovery Has Finally Launched, Watch The Video

Five live-action Star Trek TV series have come out since the franchise's inception, with the most recent one, Enterprise, last gracing the small screen all the way back in 2005. Fans finally have something new to look forward to, though, in the form of Star Trek: Discovery, which is heading to CBS All Access later this year. And now, after many months and several delays since the project was first announced, Star Trek: Discovery has at last gone into production, and CBS is celebrating with a fantastic new video. Check it out!

What better way is there to get people pumped for new Star Trek than to remind them of where the iconic film and TV franchise got its start? Back in 1964, creator Gene Roddenberry first put his wits to task with creating the space-faring adventure series, and it would have been impossible to grasp just how popular and expansive his initial ideas would become. Also probably impossible for him to predict that the series' original network would later order up a new series on a separate service that doesn't even require a TV to watch it. The future is madness!

The rest of the video continues to do a solid job of inspiring excitement and squealing, too, what with all those awesome photos flashing by reminding us just how many characters have populated this vast universe over the years. And the most important characters of all, of course, were the humans. (Sorry, Spock & Family.) Thankfully, humans and others will head where no men have gone before for Star Trek: Discovery, which works as a prequel to the original 1960s series.

No hours of new footage, sadly, since production did just start. But the video does show some of what's happening behind the scenes, including the construction of a couple of pretty big sets and some designs for a new ship, as well as some sweet armored costumes. . Seeing the Starfleet costume's collar being straightened was almost enough to make me leap up into space myself. I suppose this is enough to last us until an actual trailer comes out, but it is going to be a stressful wait.

Star Trek: Discovery will star Sonequa Martin-Green as the lead character Rainsford, or Number One, which is probably going to put a damper on her time with Team Rick on The Walking Dead. She'll be joined by Doug Jones, Michelle Yeoh, Anthony Rapp, James Frain, Shazad Latif, Chris Obi and Mary Chieffo. (Those last three play Klingons, while Frain plays Sarek, Spock's father.) Though the show was developed by Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller, he eventually left the project to focus on Starz's American Gods and other responsibilities, and Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts took over as showrunners.

Most recently, Star Trek: Discovery was pushed back from its planned May debut to avoid confusion with Sonequa Martin-Green's fans seeing promoted on two different shows at the same time. So at this point, it's unclear when Star Trek: Discovery will ever get here. While we wait, though, head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what is heading to the small screen in the near future.

Nick Venable
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