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The most recent conclusion of The New Celebrity Apprentice is on track to be the most talked about version of The Apprentice yet. That has nothing to do with ratings, mind you, but due to an ongoing feud between recently exited host Arnold Schwarzenegger and President Donald Trump. Following Schwarzenegger announcing his exit from the show, President Trump took to Twitter Saturday morning to respond to the actor's statements:

President Trump's response comes from an interview Arnold Schwarzenegger gave following his departure from the series. It was widely reported that Schwarzenegger exited the show because he thought the series was dead due to backlash from President Trump's presidency. Schwarzenegger indicated in his interview that his exit was voluntary, which is a fact President Trump directly disputes in the above tweet. The Terminator actor, perhaps wounded by the statement, replied to the President on Twitter:

This is not the first time the two have had a war of words over The New Celebrity Apprentice. The feud first began back in January when President Trump commented on Arnold Schwarzenegger's premiere episode, and how Arnold's ratings didn't hold a candle to his own when he was on the show. This led to Schwarzenegger "clapping back," at the then President-Elect and reading a quote from Abraham Lincoln to inspire him. A month later, President Trump would suggest that those in attendance of the National Prayer Breakfast should pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger and the falling ratings of The New Celebrity Apprentice.

Was Arnold Schwarzenegger fired or did he quit? Will President Trump ever mend that broken bridge with the actor? All we really know is that either way, Schwarzenegger won't be back for The New Celebrity Apprentice. Considering the exchanges between the host and President Trump, it will be interesting to see who NBC will tap to replace the leaving host. I think we can all agree Alec Baldwin doesn't have too good a shot at the gig, so who? You'll be the first to know if any more updates surface regarding The New Celebrity Apprentice, but until then maybe you should browse our midseason premiere guide and find a different series while these two continue to hash things out.

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