Apparently Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson Was Dealing With A Drug Problem

Pete Davidson stoned on SNL

Saturday Night Live has been seeing a ratings resurgence during Season 42. The long-running late night sketch comedy series has brought in a ton of big actors and actresses---including Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy---to play members of the current White House administration. However, there has been on SNL staple that has been around a little less this season: Pete Davidson. The comedian recently shared that he has been missing from the show and social media as he has worked to get off drugs. Here's what he had to say:

Just wanted to let you guys know I'm okay. I know I've kinda been missing, on social media and on the show. I quit drugs and am happy and sober for the first time in 8 years. It wasn't easy, but I got a great girl, great friends and I consider myself a lucky man. I'll always be here for you guys, I promise. Remember to never give up hope because sometimes that's all we got. We are a family and I appreciate all your love and support. It's nice to be back in action.

Speaking on Instagram, Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson reveals that he has been around less in the public eye lately because he has quit using drugs. He doesn't specify exactly what issues he has been dealing with related to drugs; however, in the past Pete Davidson has participated in sketches related to marijuana use on SNL. He has also previously been open about using medical marijuana to help deal with Crohn's disease, which he suffers from. He has said he couldn't function without the drug in his life, but his latest post seems to indicate that he is happy and sober for the first time in eight years.

It takes a lot of courage to go out in public and explain why you may not have been showing up in public as much as you expected. It also takes courage to come out in public and explain that an activity you previously enjoyed doing may not have made you as happy or functioning as you formerly thought. It's cool that Pete Davidson could be really open about a decision that was obviously personal and we hope that he can get back on track and be more in the public eye soon.

After all, right now is a great time to be on Saturday Night Live. Not every episode and certainly not every sketch is a hit this season, but overall the NBC series is getting a lot more notice for its big guest stars and its political bent, and we don't expect that to change anytime soon. Including a little more of Pete Davidson's confessional-based genius can only be a good thing.

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