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Potential spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead.

This season of The Walking Dead has been a doozy. What started with an absolutely horrifying and graphic premiere screeched to a halt during the first half of the season, while 7B is set to blow our minds and break our hearts. With the impending war with Negan just over the horizon, now is the time where fans take bets as to which main character is going to bite the dust before the smoke clears. And with Eugene now seeming like a bonafide Savior, our favorite mulleted weirdo might have a key role in another character's death.

A new theory (via Uproxx) states that Sasha is the most likely candidate to die as Season 7 ends. With Rosita and Sasha teaming up in another attempt to assassinate Negan, it certainly puts the group's best sharpshooter in jeopardy- especially because Sasha is insisting she personally take the shot at Negan this time. But the theory also believes that Eugene will be directly responsible for Sasha's death.

Sasha with Rosita in Season 7's premiere.

Eugene certainly seems to be drinking the Negan kool-aid over at The Sanctuary. When two of Negan's wives plotted to poison the crazypants dictator, Eugene surprisingly refused to help them. This might have been a moment of self-preservation, but the fact that Eugene saved the villain was truly mind boggling. It's this survival instinct that just may be Sasha's undoing. Because whatever attack she makes on The Sanctuary will likely cross paths with Eugene, and he'll have to make a choice: Sasha or Negan? And if the brainwashing is working, it just may be Tyrese's sister that dies this season.

Suspicion and rumors about Sasha's death have been swirling around for quite some time now. Because actress Sonequa Martin-Greene was cast in the lead role of Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access. While The Walking Dead is very flexible with their actors' schedule, filming a network television is an insane amount of time and work, so it's unlikely that Greene would be able to do both logistically. That, combined with Sasha's suicide mission, makes her a likely target.

And although all signs point to Sasha, I'd be disappointed to see her killed off this season. Sasha hasn't really been around all that much season, as The Hilltop plot line is only explored sporadically. Usually characters get a more meaty plot line before their untimely deaths, so it makes more of an impact on the audience.

Then again, Sasha has been plotting behind Maggie's back a bit. She asked Jesus to locate The Sanctuary for her, and now she and Rosita have a cross-community assassination plan. Hopefully the unlikely duo will finally flesh out their feelings toward each other, as it's mostly been silence and the occasional sassy line from Ro Ro.

The Walking Dead will air tonight on AMC.

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