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Game Of Thrones has had its fair share of celebrity cameos over the years. Most of those appearances have been musical groups like Sigur Ros or metal band Mastodon, and some may wonder if the show can't aim a little higher with its come-and-go celebs appearing in the series. Fans got excited when UFC champion Connor McGregor was announced to appear, but that turned out to be false. Will Game Of Thrones ever get an A-list non-acting celebrity to appear on the series? Maybe, as George R.R. Martin has given his dream guest for the show, and it's a doozy:

Well, Barack Obama would be pretty exciting. And actually, he IS a fan of the show.

To say Barack Obama is a fan of Game Of Thrones may be putting it lightly. The former President would receive episodes of the show in advance of their screenings and even famously asked director David Nutter if they "really killed Jon Snow" in the series prior to Season 6 debuting. Do you think Barry was up on the Game Of Thrones fan boards or was he using classified methods to justify that skepticism? Having a former President of the United States on the epic series would indeed be exciting, but it takes more than George R.R. Martin shipping it in a comment to make Obama do it.

Barack Obama President Game Of Thrones HBO Cameo Guest

It would definitely not be the first time a President, former or current, has appeared on a popular television series outside the various late night talk show appearances Presidents do from time to time. Barack Obama has also appeared briefly on a sketch for Saturday Night Live, gave the Mythbusters crew a task, and also appeared on American Idol. Other presidents appearing on television include Gerald Ford on Dynasty, Richard Nixon on Rowan And Martin's Laugh-In, and Jimmy Carter on Home Improvement. It's also worth noting that, while he wasn't President at the time, we're all familiar with President Donald Trump's series The Apprentice. So anything is possible, but who could our former President play on Game Of Thrones?

That's an interesting question as Game Of Thrones hasn't exactly been known for its racial diversity. Obviously, people are going to notice when you put a former President in your series, and depending on where the team might put him, he might stick out a little more than most. You also want to tread lightly with any roles you give Barack Obama, as his fandom might cause a conflict of interest depending on which House he'd fall under.

Then again, the Game Of Thrones team very famously put a mockup of former President George W. Bush's head on a pike for a scene, so who's to say what they would do if Barack Obama joins the cast in its final seasons? I'm certainly curious to see what will happen should the former President decide he's down for a cameo. Game Of Thrones returns to HBO July 16th. You've got a minute before the Summer, so head over to our midseason premiere guide and see what shows you can get into until then.

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