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In the past six years, March 30 was a date by which Game of Thrones fans had usually been made aware of what an upcoming season had to offer, but this year isn't your average year. For in 2017, Winter has arrived, and it can be seen in the very first trailer for Game of Thrones Season 7 below, which proves that Cersei is the ice queen we always knew she was.

Do you have chills? I have chills, and I'm sure I don't have it for the same reason as Cersei Lannister. I'm really on the fence as to what exactly that cold exhale means there at the end? Is it just a cool transition to the Night King, or did we just get a glimpse at how Cersei will yet again even the odds in the great war that approaches? Could this cryptic but definitely noticeable coolness perhaps lead to an unholy alliance?

It's certainly possible, but with no real connection between the Lannister ruler of King's Landing and the leader of Wights, how do they meet? Maybe I'm making a stretch here, but I think there's something to be said about the new free agent Melisandre. The burning witch was exiled by Jon Snow and the Winterfell crew after they learned of her burning of Shireen, and she rode South with the knowledge of the Night King and very well could end up in the hands of Cersei. Now, you may be asking who in their right mind would be so desperate for the Iron Throne they would attempt an alliance with an undead army certain to destroy the world, but your answer is already there.

Cersei has gone to some pretty astounding lengths to hold her power, and she needs something to even the score against overwhelming odds. Of course, this could all be fan fiction based largely off 3 seconds of a 90-second promo, so take that as you will.

Another, perhaps easier to answer question is, where is Dany? The Game Of Thrones mother of dragons is in a room we've never seen before, which leads me to believe we are in the previously unseen throne room of Dragonstone. This castle was previously held by the now fallen Stannis Baratheon, and prior to that was the namesake castle of House Targaryen. It would be here that Aegon The First awaited the construction of King's Landing and housed the "heir apparent" of the Targaryen family, should something happen to the acting Targaryen king. Seeing as Stannis exhausted his army from the castle and the small surrounding islands, one would imagine Daenerys and crew were able to take the castle without much opposition, if any, upon arrival.

As for Jon Snow, we all know he's in Winterfell. The King In The North has the wildlings and lesser northern houses behind him as he prepares for war, but will it be enough? Perhaps more so than Daenerys and Cersei, Jon Snow has shown he lets his emotions play into battle far too often. He's already died once trying to do the right thing, and nearly got killed again when he abandoned the battle plan against Ramsey Bolton trying to save his brother Rickon. Put simply, Jon Snow is far too soft for war, and while that can be admirable, that's how you get killed in Game Of Thrones.

Finally, we have the Night King. Barring my previous theory, we don't really know what his plan is coming into this war, besides destroying mankind. He has enemies in Jon Snow and Bran, but Cersei and Daenerys are largely ignorant of his presence. As I mentioned, releasing Melisandre gives the option for that knowledge to travel beyond the North into the Southern kingdoms, but who knows who will intercept her first and what they will do with that information?

In case you're curious about the song choice, it's a darker take on James' "Sit Down," which is usually a lot more peppy when you add guitar and subtract banging drums. It's always hard to tell if HBO is trying to be hip or revealing with the songs they choose for promos, so don't take a lot of stock in it, but maybe there's something there. The sad, mad, and ridiculous are all called to sit with him as he sings, so it's a pretty damn good song choice, considering the tune's age and semi-relevance to the current state of the show.

Game of Thrones will take over HBO for its truncated Season 7 on Sunday, July 17, at 9:00 p.m. ET. To see when all your other favorite blockbuster series are hitting the airwaves, head to our midseason premiere schedule and our summer TV guide.

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