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Kendall Jenner's recent ad for Pepsi has received a lot of flack from the public. So much so that it was pulled by the soda company almost as soon as it was released. As such, it's little surprise that Saturday Night Live took the opportunity to poke some fun at the commercial during their most recent episode. In the show's sketch, they put together a fictionalized look at the set of the commercial where the director, proud of his new commercial idea, explains what's going to happen in the ad to his sister on the phone. Clearly, she's not impressed. Check it out.

One almost feels bad for our fictional director as he goes on a desperate hunt for some sort of validation from any source he can find after looking at the commercial idea from a perspective he clearly had not considered. Unfortunately, he can't find any. Everybody hates it. He tries to back out but it's too late. On the plus side, Kendall thinks it's "cute."

From a certain point of view, watching Kendall Jenner hand a Pepsi to a police officer during a protest could certainly be viewed as an event that "brings everybody together" as it is pitched in the sketch. There's no question what the actual director of the commercial was trying to convey. However, as there is another way to look at it, there's no question what the "sister" is telling her director brother on the phone, even though we can't hear a word.

The sketch really focuses on the controversy of the ad by simply pointing out that it was very unlikely that any conversations like the ones in the sketch ever actually happened. If they had it's unlikely the commercial would have been made in the way it was. It was clear that the people behind the ad were not expecting the backlash that it received. While on the other hand, those who were upset by the ads perceived tone deafness couldn't believe that the ad made it all the way to air. We assume most everybody at Pepsi had a look similar to this after the commercial was released.

Saturday Night Live pepsi ad

The director of photography for the Pepsi ad has stated that the commercial was meant to make a reference to a classic anti-war image, and not reference any specific current protest movement, but because of the widespread protests that have been all over America in recent years, including Black Lives Matter, it seems that at best the ad found itself with some really unfortunate timing.

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