Netflix’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 Takes Aim At Stranger Things And It’s Hilarious

Sure, Stranger Things became an absolute phenomenon for Netflix last year when The Duffer Brothers' throwback series made its debut, but that does not mean that it is above ridicule. On that note, Mystery Science Theater 3000 recently decided to dive into the first few minutes of the hit series, and the results are nothing less than comedy gold. Check it out below to see for yourself.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back in a major way on Netflix, and that video clearly shows that the cult classic series has not lost a step. Poking fun at everything from the way the Stranger Things titles appear on the screen (note: it is not a prequel to Strangest Things) to the crude drawing in Hopper's house, it is clear that MST3K has not slowed down at all in the time that it has been away from our screens. They are merciless in their dissection of Stranger Things, but, considering the fact that Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Stranger Things are now both Netflix-owned properties, it stands to reason that everyone involved is okay with the decision to parody the sci-fi series.

Of course, that video only addresses the first few minutes of Stranger Things; it does not even delve into when things start to get weird. If Mystery Science Theater 3000 can pull that much humor out of simple set dressing, Hopper's missing nipple, and the fact that he should really zip up his pants sooner after waking up, then we can only imagine how they would respond to the even weirder stuff. Imagine their take on Eleven's obsession with Eggo waffles, Barb's untimely demise (#JusticeForBarb), and the arrival of the Demogorgon.

With the second season of Stranger Things currently on the way, we can only assume that the folks at Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be waiting to tear into Season 2 when it finally premieres. With Will Byers now safely back from The Upside Down (albeit coughing up slugs into his sink), and Chief Hopper now apparently suffering from a "hero fantasy" after managing to save the young Byers boy, things are about to get considerably weirder in Hawkins, Indiana.

Check out the Super Bowl trailer for Stranger Things Season 2 to get a better sense of everything that is on the horizon for these characters.

Stranger Things will return to Netflix later this year on October 31, 2017; check out everything that we currently know about the upcoming season of the beloved series. As for Mystery Science Theater 3000, the revival of the classic series is now available to stream on Netflix.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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