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Gregory and Simon in The Hilltop

Being killed off of a massively popular TV show is a gift of sorts, as it has the potential to memorialize actors' performances forever. But then there's AMC's massively popular drama The Walking Dead, which sees everyone and their mother (literally) killed off eventually. As such, actors usually join the show knowing their days are numbered; everyone is vulnerable and a possibility to die... except perhaps the last four Atlanta survivors. So how do you approach a job that has very little security? Actor Steven Ogg, who plays Savior Simon, recently opened up about that dynamic.

Steven Ogg recently sat down with ScreenRant to discuss his various acting projects. Regarding his role as Simon in The Walking Dead, Ogg revealed how he approached the role, knowing Simon was likely to bite the bullet any day. He said,

Well, I always say... look, everyone is going to die, right? Everyone is going to die on the show, at some point. So, I sort of take it like, well yeah, it is what it is, when it happens it happens and of course when it does happen I will probably cry and curl up in the fetal position and say, 'Why? Why me?' But it's part of it. Especially in this world, you know that there is limited time on you.

This certainly seems like the right attitude to have. Accept the reality and likelihood of your character's death, and have as much fun as possible in the meantime. Oh, and if you need to have a cry- go for it.

It's probably a good thing that Steven Ogg seems to mature about his character's death, because Simon's days had previously seemed numbered on The Walking Dead. First appearing in Season 6's terrifying and divisive finale, Simon made a bunch of appearances this season as The Saviors were fleshed out and explored. Negan's envoy to the Hilltop community, we see as Simon attempts to intimidate and subjugate the cowardly Gregory. Additionally, he also makes a few appearances at Alexandria, telling Rick that he and his group had better steer clear of Daryl if they find him.

Personally, I was expecting Simon to meet a grim fate in the fantastic Season 7 finale. The finale was clearly building to a major conflict between The Saviors and the other communities around Alexandria, and it certainly delivered. After a zombified Sasha temporarily distracted The Saviors, a quarrel began, with The Kingdom, The Hilltop, and Alexandria battling back Negan's forces.

It was in this moment that I was expecting someone to finally take Simon down, specifically Shiva the Tiger. Alternatively, I could have seen Maggie take the kill shot herself, in a moment of vengeance for both Glenn and the denizens of The Hilltop.

We'll just have to wait until the fall to find out what happens to Simon. Although with Steven Ogg's recent promotion in mind, he likely won't be dying till late in the season, if at all. In the meantime, Fear the Walking Dead will premiere on June 4th 2017. Be sure to check out our full summer premiere list to plan your next show.

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