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In a bit of news that seems to contradict all we know about both President Donald Trump and Saturday Night Live's feud, the President was actually invited to be on the show this season. Alec Baldwin shares the details in the quote below:

I can't imagine what it would be like if I met him. If I ran into him. When we did the show, when I hosted SNL this season, we asked him to come. We invited him to come, we were so hopeful he would come. But he didn't show up.

Perhaps what's most shocking about this news is that President Trump's invitation was given just weeks (February 11th) after his inauguration. Considering Saturday Night Live had first enlisted Alec Baldwin to mock our President way back in October of 2016, I can see why Trump declined the offer to appear. I can especially understand his unwillingness if he learned Baldwin would be in attendance. Baldwin also confirms to The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he has not seen the President since his parody of him began on the sketch show and that he'd rather not see him. That seems smart considering the President is not at all a big fan of Baldwin's impression or Saturday Night Live in general.

Had President Trump decided to make an appearance on Saturday Night Live, it would have been his first time since his hosting in 2015. That event is likely not remembered fondly by either party as protests gathered prior and during the show for those wishing to shame NBC for letting Trump on the program. While that could have played a factor in the President's absence, it's just as likely he didn't wish to make the trip to a show so soon after taking Presidential office. In either case, Saturday Night Live continues their parody of the Trump administration following his snub.

With Saturday Night Live returning May 6th, there's still three episodes left in the season should President Trump have a change of heart and want to appear on the program. While that seems to be an unlikely scenario, it's worth noting that the President has been silent regarding the program as of late. Maybe there's still hope we could see the two parties bury the hatchet and Trump appear on the program in a Presidential capacity? I wouldn't say there's great hope in that happening, and if Alec Baldwin is anywhere near studio 8H, I'd say it's a near impossibility.

Should President Trump decide to appear on Saturday Night Live anytime soon, I'm sure you'll hear from us. While we wait for that snowball to survive hell, are you keeping track of all the great new programs coming this summer? If that sounds like a burden, bookmark our summer premiere guide as it makes finding all your new shows and returning shows super simple. Also be sure to keep track of what shows are getting canceled and renewed via our renewal guide.

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