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Rick and Negan are the two biggest globetrotters on The Walking Dead that we know of, as the respective leaders have made their presences known to just about every recognized community, either on screen or through implied dialogue. But while the bat-adoring antagonist has crossed the gates of each protagonist-filled safe zone, Rick has yet to step foot in or around Negan's Sanctuary. But it appears that distinction will cease to exist when Episode 100 rolls around, as a cast memeber's now-deleted social media post strongly hints at it happening in the Season 8 premiere.

As it usually goes with reveals that happen outside of straightforward confirmation, we're taking this with a grain of salt, but it doesn't even seem all that ridiculous. If all is to be believed, actor Daniel Newman hyped his followers up with an Instagam post that showed him in costume as Kingdom soldier Daniel, standing with Andrew Lincoln, who was possibly in costume as Rick. The big takeaways here are that they're standing on what is almost definitely the Sanctuary set, and that Newman is congratulating Lincoln for being in 100 episodes of The Walking Dead. Combined, we not-so-audaciously infer Rick's retaliatory efforts against Negan will come as soon as the new season arrives.

The fact that Daniel Newman deleted the post is almost a sign in and of itself that there were spoilers to be found within the image, but it's hard to know why it happened specifically. In any case, what's actually seen in the image is telling enough, even though it would be easy to just assume they're in front of an otherwise nondescript building exterior. It's all about the colors of the pipes, though, since we've seen that particular bluish and reddish combination before. (The yellow handrails on the stairs are a fine supplemental detail as well.)

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As you can see in the shot above, which comes from "Hostiles and Calamities," the Sanctuary's exterior is ripe with the same-colored pipes. It's not concrete proof, but there's concrete around. Seeing Eugene right there, one wonders if Rick's arrival will cause the double-crossing character to have a new change of heart.

Even though Rick would damned sure want to bring the fight to Negan when things pick back up, and that he'll likely have his comic army of Hilltop and Kingdom survivors, there are obvious ways to play devil's advocate here. Maybe Andrew Lincoln wasn't filming that day, although his outfit isn't likely an optimal one to wear leisurely beneath Atlanta's sun. Also, they could be at some other show setting that just happens to use one of the same exteriors as the Sanctuary. Or anything else, really. Still, we choose to believe.

With more new characters joining the cast, The Walking Dead doesn't yet have a release date set for Season 8 hitting AMC, but you can be sure it'll hit in October, and that we'll be talking about it when it's announced. In the meantime, check out everything we know about Season 8 and then head to our summer TV schedule to see what new and returning shows are creeping up on the small screen soon.

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