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Yari Shahidi Black-ish Zoey ABC

A potential Black-ish spinoff has been discussed for quite awhile now over at ABC, and new information has thankfully surfaced that could place that spinoff on another network altogether. In a move that could split one of America's funniest families, reports say the discussed Yari Shahidi-led follow-up show could be happening on Freeform.

Though not official just yet, the Black-ish spinoff is all but there, and producers are currently seeking to get the greenlight for a series order, and Deadline reports the airing would likely take place on Freeform. While it may seem a little shocking that ABC would take a potential sequel series to one of its highest-performing shows off its docket, it's worth noting that Freeform is still under the ABC umbrella. (It used to be called ABC Family, after all.) The rumored project would star actress Yari Shahidi and would follow the eldest child Zoey as she begins college. It is believed the potential deal is close to happening.

Black-ish held a backdoor pilot of sorts for the spinoff late in Season 3 with the episode titled "Liberal Arts," which aired on May 3rd. The episode performed just about as well as any other Black-ish episode this season in terms of viewership, but ABC reportedly deemed the pseudo-pilot was too geared to a younger audience to run on the network. So now Freeform, who is geared towards a more millennial audience, is in the running for the project. When explained like that, the move certainly makes sense, but can a Black-ish spinoff thrive on a network apart from its source show?

There's definitely some parallels behind this rumored Black-ish spinoff and A Different World, which was a spinoff of NBC's hit comedy The Cosby Show. Both concepts are similar in terms of the rumored plot -- flagship show's oldest daughter heading off to college -- but the situation could be different if this non-Cosby effort heads to Freeform. While the ratings for A Different World were always consistently high, the series had the luxury of airing between its predecessor The Cosby Show and the long-running smash Cheers. To take nothing away from A Different World, which was definitely a groundbreaking series, sandwiching any show between two proven ratings champs like that would almost always guarantee success. ABC must feel confident about this supposed spinoff if they think the potential series can fly without the help of its parent show.

We'll try to keep an ear to the ground regarding any other news about this in-the-making project. Unfortunately, Season 3 of Black-ish ended last night, but the good news is we've already compiled a list of all the shows of summer for you to browse through so you can find a new series to dive into. Also, in case the news of Black-ish ending its season caught you by surprise, make sure you aren't blindsided again by bookmarking our finale guide to see when all your shows will end.