The Cash Cab Reboot Is Bringing Back Its Original Host

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The Cash Cab reboot is moving forward, barring 5 o'clock traffic, and bringing back its original host. In reviving what is perhaps one of the best reasons to take a traditional cab in the midst of the growing market of ride-sharing, Discovery Channel has announced stand-up comedian and original Cash Cab navigator Ben Bailey will be returning to host the show he made successful for so long.

Having fronted the show throughout its original NYC-based run from 2005 to 2012, Ben Bailey will return to Cash Cab to continue hosting duties, and in addition to those regular obligations, Bailey joins the reboot with the additional title of executive producer. Bailey's last hosting jaunt on the show lasted over 200 episodes and netted him three Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Game Show Host. (The series itself also took home three Daytime Emmys.)

Ben Bailey won over audiences as he drove unsuspecting passengers in New York City to different destinations, all while asking them trivia questions that had the potential to win them big bucks. It appears the show will only slightly change things up from when audiences may have last seen it. For example, the description for the helpful "Shout Outs" feature appears to have added texting and social media for contestants to use, in addition to the traditional phone-a-friend or asking a pedestrian. With services like Uber now much bigger than they were during the show's first run, it will be interesting to see if Cash Cab sticks to its traditional mode of transportation or if an attempt to shake things up will follow.

Bailey is, of course, jazzed about his show returning, but not all the attention he's gotten regarding his return is so great:

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Cash Cab is said to be returning later this year, but if you're thinking that's your only shot at seeing Ben Bailey, think again. Bailey's comedy special Road Rage and Accidental Ornithology is currently streaming on Netflix, and his podcast, Tall But True, is also another way you can reconnect with him ahead of the show's premiere. Did you think this guy was just sitting in a gutter somewhere waiting for his game show to come back?

As stated, Cash Cab is set to return with Ben Bailey in the driver's seat sometime later this year on Discovery Channel. If you haven't been following television lately, it's not the only reboot you should be excited about! Be sure you're up to date on all of television's latest offerings via our summer premiere guide and also when your favorite shows are going away for the season with our handy finale guide.

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