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HBO Cancels Game Of Thrones Aftershow, But It's Not Entirely Dead Yet

After The Thrones HBO

After The Thrones, Game Of Thrones' official U.S. aftershow that aired on HBO's digital platforms, has been given the axe by the network. Much like Jon Snow though, the concept is not dead yet, and Bill Simmons' The Ringer is giving it new life on another platform, so fans can continue to interact and hear analysis on Season 7.

While After The Thrones is no more, Deadline reports that the team behind the digital aftershow will find new life on a new platform with a new name, Talk The Thrones. The series will stream on Twitter and Periscope immediately following each Game of Thrones episode, and it will feature the former hosts of After The Thrones, Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan. Bill Simmons, who was behind the original program for HBO, will continue to oversee the show.

While the move sounds like a downgrade, it's actually a return to form for Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan, who started out their Game Of Thrones podcast via Bill Simmons' former website home, Grantland. For U.K. fans, it hasn't been stated if After The Thrones' cancellation will have any effect on their aftershow Thronecast, which has been running since 2011. Considering its significantly longer run than its American counterpart, it seems unlikely that Thronecast will suffer the same fate. While more successful than After The Thrones, the Thronecast aftershow is live and broadcast on the Sky Network immediately following the episode in the U.K., in a similar fashion to Chris Hardwick's shows he does for AMC.

This will mark the second cancellation involving Bill Simmons and HBO, with the first happening in late November when the network dropped his sports talk program Any Given Wednesday. Simmons was scooped up by the network very quickly after the outspoken scribe's very messy and high-profile breakup with former employer ESPN. Simmons' deal with HBO mentioned that he would be helping the network develop their digital platforms with fresh content, so the cancellation of After The Thrones (after only one year running) can't be a good look for Simmons or the network. He does not appear to have any other publicly announced projects in the works with HBO as of writing, but it's always possible something could be happening behind the scenes.

As stated, all Game Of Thrones aftershow goodness can be viewed on The Ringer's new show, Talk The Thrones, immediately following the HBO drama's Season 7 episodes. Game Of Thrones will return for Season 7 on July 16th at 9 p.m. ET. GoT is just one of the many amazing shows premiering this summer, and those who are interested in seeing what else is on the docket these next couple of months should visit our summer premiere guide. Those who are currently watching shows can visit our finale guide to get a glimpse of how long they have before their favorite show goes away.

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