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Check Out What The Former Most Intreresting Man In The World Is Drinking Now In Clever New Ad

For so many years, beer commercials were little more than girls in bikinis accompanying the sounds of pop-tops being opened, but a new apex of sophistication was ushered in by Dos Equis with its Most Interesting Man in the World campaign. Actor Jonathan Goldsmith was the bearded pitchman from 2006 until his ousting in 2016, and he's taking a playful shot at his former employer in a new ad for Astral Tequila. Check it out!

In his ten years as The World's Most Interesting Man, Jonathan Goldsmith did an awful lot of fun things (or at least appeared to do them), but one thing remained the same as far as TV audiences were concerned: he only drank Dos Equis beer. True to the character's words, however, Goldsmith makes a stellar ice cube-sized splash in this new ad for a drink that is just a tad bit stronger than your average Mexican lager.

Like Dos Equis, Astral Tequila is becoming increasingly popular here in the U.S., as our booze-oriented taste buds are taking on more and more brands and flavors from outside the country. And an ad like this would have seemingly been a smash hit as Super Bowl material, with over 100 million people watching Goldsmith sipping on a new beverage between two new (but obviously still lovely) women. Hard liquor doesn't get a whole lot of screentime on U.S. TV, so knowing when or where we'll see this new ad is kind of hard to gauge, but that's why the Internet exists, I think.

With this fun and ridiculously simple commercial, Astral Tequila and parent company Davos Brands are taking a page from Sprint's recent playbook for their own marketing. Last year, the telecommunications company produced adds with Paul Marcarelli, the "Can You Hear Me Now?" guy from the old Verizon commercials, who got to poke fun at his old job. But I personally like Astral's more, because everything is better with tequila. With a good tequila, that is.

Dos Equis replaced Jonathan Goldsmith as its pitchman last year, aiming to shoot for someone more relevant to today's audiences, and so the far-younger Augustin Legrand was hired. It's hard to tell how great a move that was, though, though Goldsmith will likely remain the go-to face that people see when the Most Interesting Man moniker is mentioned. Goldsmith likely isn't bummed about the switch at this point, though, as he is also an equity partner. Here's hoping more ads are to come.

Not all commercials have fans, of course, but when they do, they probably make people laugh. f you don't always watch commercials, then find out what actual TV shows are hitting the airwaves and streaming-spheres soon with our summer TV premiere schedule.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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