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5 Big Things Game Of Thrones' New Trailer Just Showed Us

The latest trailer for Game Of Thrones is rife with potentially big things that tell us a lot more about Season 7 than we've learned previously. Here's 5 things that the trailer showed us that has us even more excited to get back into the world of Westeros.

Kings Landing Game Of Thrones HBO

King's Landing Is Under Attack

King's Landing is under siege, and it appears that Daenerys was able to make good on that promise to usurp Euron Greyjoy so that Yara and Theon could lend them those 100 ships they promised her. The assault on King's Landing isn't just by sea either, as we see the Unsullied storming the gates and making their way within the city walls. It doesn't appear that King's Landing is going down without a fight though, as we see some explosions on ships that look to place Theon in some danger. From what we see in the trailer, this siege does not at all appear to be a good situation for Cersei Lannister.

Jon Snow Game Of Thrones HBO

Jon Is In The North

While the war rages in the south between Cersei and Dany, Jon appears to be more focused on the white walkers in the north. Every shot of Jon Snow in this trailer happens in the snow, which means the north is taking on the threat of The Night's King before anything else. It appears he won't be going at it alone, as we see Bran Stark lending some aide, as well as Beric Dondarrion and the Hound in a few winter scenes. That team up appears to make sense, as Dondarrion indicated they would be joining the fight towards the end of Season 6, but will the strength of the Brotherhood Without Banners be enough to help the North topple The Night's King?

Littlefinger HBO Game Of Thrones

Littlefinger Is Plotting

There's something very ominous about the first seventeen seconds of this Game Of Thrones trailer, featuring Sansa Stark slowly walking. Add that quick cut of Petyr Baelish slinking in the shadows with a sinister smile on his face, and it appears the two are up to something devious. Our guess is that while Jon Snow is consumed with the white walkers, Baelish is working on a scheme to put Sansa in as the true head of Winterfell for his own gain. The real question is whether Sansa will go along with it, or stay by her brother. Sansa has tolerated some pretty awful things, all for the promise of power, so don't be surprised if she's in on whatever has Littlefinger smiling.

Bran Game Of Thrones HBO

Bran Is In The Fight

Game Of Thrones latest trailer doesn't tell us whether or not Bran has successfully linked back up with the Stark family, but it does appear he's playing a role in the battle against the white walkers. Using his Warg ability, we see Bran leading a bunch of ravens above a massive army in the North. Bran's flight does not go unnoticed, as once again The Night's King becomes aware of his presence and forces Bran to break the bond with the raven. We don't know Bran's exact whereabouts, but he is at a Godswood and has a fancy wheelchair. And no Meera in immediate sight would appear to indicate that Bran is somewhere safe enough he doesn't need her immediate protection.

Fire Game Of Thrones HBO

There's A Lot Of Fire In That Snow

That final scene where we see what looks like Jon Snow cutting someone down shows a lot of fire in the background. The flames appears to be in a straight line, almost as if it was streaked across the snow by a swooping dragon. If that wasn't enough evidence that Season 7 of Game Of Thrones could feature a Jon and Dany meet up, surely that monologue with Jon Snow speaking about uniting against enemies (while we see Dany on screen) had to drive it home. It appears that Dany is very much invested in dethroning Cersei Lannister, but does she really need three dragons for that? Perhaps the King in the North got a loaner just until the situation cools down a bit.

Throughly jazzed for Game of Thrones Season 7? HBO's show will return July 16th at 9 p.m. ET and the world will get to see what becomes of Westeros as war rages throughout the land. For a full list of premieres and returning shows this season, be sure to visit our summer premiere guide. Those who went through all this analysis and are now psyched to watch the trailer for all the little details all over again, check out all the action below.

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