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The cast of Dear White People

In just a few short years, Netflix has become the go-to place for innovative and exciting new TV programming. The streaming service feels like its releasing brand new shows every few weeks, while so far they've only cancelled a handful of their series. One of the recent releases that has been both critically acclaimed and surrounded by controversy is the satirical dramedy Dear White People. A continuation of the film of the same name, Dear White People addresses issues of race on a fictional college campus, and how they related to the world outside of the campus. And the creator knows one subject for a possible season 2: misinformation.

Ahead of the Emmy Nominations, Dear White People creator Justin Simien spoke about the process of crafting Season 1, as well as possible plans for the sophomore season. Regarding what Season 2 will revolve around, Simien spilled the beans, saying:

I think we're in an era of mass misinformation. It's not just so-called fake news but also in terms of American history. The reason we can't really talk about racism and the reason a black person can't say something like 'white supremacy' without somebody taking it personally is because none of us really have the same sort of basic understanding of America's history and how we got here.

This actually seems like a pretty brilliant idea. In an age where false information has the ability to go viral and affect people, addressing the subject should be a way to engage audience members across all walks of life.

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The issue of misinformation appears to be two-fold for Justin Simien, who shared his plans for Season 2 with EW. To start, there is the bevy of false info going around thanks to the age of social media. We saw this prove an issue during the Presidential Election, as shocking headlines clogged the Twitterverse and Facebook, only to contain false or outdated information within the actual story. Additionally, Simien references how history classes can sometimes leave out some of the country's darker moments, leading some to not truly understand American history.

But aside from the political aspect of the show, Dear White People is also very much a character-driven series. And the season finale put many of the characters' relationships into flux. Troy was arrested for destroying the campus' property, putting his future in jeopardy. Sam and Coco seemed to finally begin mending their relationship, while Joelle and Reggie might finally start dating. And above all, the fate of AP House is unknown, with the historically Black dormitory in danger of being disbanded.

Netflix hasn't officially announced Dear White People's renewal, so we'll just have to wait and see if it happens over the next few months. In the meantime, check our summer premiere list to plan your next binge watch.