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Celeste in Episode 1 of Big Little Lies

The past year or so have been killer in regards to new and exciting high quality television. One of the critical hits that seemingly came out of nowhere was HBO's Big Little Lies. Based off of the novel of the same name, the series was notable for its stunning cinematography, captivating plot, and outstanding cast chock full of movie stars. And while director Jean-Marc Vallée previously stated that he thought the show's narrative had ran its course, discussion about a possible second season has been surrounding Big Little Lies since its finale aired. And with the show picking up a massive amount of Emmy Nominations, it now seems even more likely.

Nicole Kidman was one of the many Big Little Lies actors nominated for an Emmy, and spoke to EW about the possibility of a second season. She said,

It inches us closer. But so much of it is trying to stay true to the characters and their voices. If we can do it, then it will be done. I believe their stories warrant it and I don't want to abandon them. We don't want to sell them short, either. But I'm hoping we can find it if we take the leap.

This certainly makes sense. While the fandom of Big Little Lies may be clamoring for more episodes, it's comforting to know that the folks behind the scenes are weighing the pros and cons carefully.

That being said, there certainly seems to be more of a story to tell with the characters of Big Little Lies. One character who could be expanded is Zoe Kravitz' Bonnie, who ended up coming to the aid of the other women, accidentally killing Perry in the process. Her motivation for this rescue is in the original novel, but was left out of the small screen adaptation. It turns out that Bonnie had a history of domestic abuse growing up, which informed her actions at Trivia Night.

Additionally, the final shot of Big Little Lies seems to show that someone is watching the women during their trip to the beach. This is likely Detective Quinlan, who seems to understand that the women's story about Perry's death was bullshit. The authorities are onto their collective lie, and it would be fascinating to see how each of the lead women deals with attempting to keep their secret. Their personal relationships were strained before they shared a killer secret, so it would be fun to see how this catalyst affects their behavior.

Then again, Big Little Lies would have to do some restructuring for Season 2. The first season continually teased the mystery of Trivia Night, so they'll need another major event if the second season was going to revolve around another big mystery. Plus, they'll likely have to find another director

Big Little Lies is currently available on HBO's streaming services, and on demand. Be sure to check our summer premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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