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As one of pop music's most iconic divas, Mariah Carey doesn't get to experience a lot of her life outside the public eye, with fans and paparazzi constantly aiming to see what the Grammy winner is doing next. Well, she'll soon directly show her fans what they weren't seeing a lot of those years, as she will executive produce a drama TV series based on her life and experiences. And no need to worry about this project looking less spectacular that Carey herself, since Starz is the channel putting it into development.

Mariah Carey has been making herself quite comfortable on television in recent years, most transparently through the reality series Mariah's World. Apparently she got the TV bug something fiercely, as she's now giving her blessing and treasured memories to this still-untitled Starz drama, which is set to take place in New York City in 1986. The story will center on a bi-racial 16-year-old girl who lived through a difficult youth, with her dreams of becoming a bestselling musician fueling her survival and then some.

The drama project will be written by Nina Colman, who was most recently known for writing and producing Date My Dad, the comedy serving as the TV return for 7th Heaven star Barry Watson. Colman will also serve as the showrunner. Another famous face set up as executive producer is Brett Ratner, director of such stunt-heavy films as Rush Hour and Hercules.

The outspoken and trouble-causing singer certainly has a lot of life moments that are deserving of being put on film, and some that obviously aren't. Hopefully she doesn't tell too many tall tales when offering up her big life moments to Nina Colman for the dramatization.

Last seen on the small screen (in a fictional sense) for Fox's third season of Empire, while her non-episodic efforts have been of the holiday TV movie variety. Not to mention Mariah's World, that is. On the big screen, Mariah made a highly publicized cameo in The House, and she'll soon be seen in Girls Trip.

At this point, it might be Christmas before we hear more hardcore facts about Mariah Carey's in-development TV show at Starz, but you can bet we'll start singing like a stool pigeon when other news comes out. In the meantime, though, you can head to our summer premiere schedule to see what's yet to come on the small screen.

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