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What The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Doesn't Like About Negan

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As The Walking Dead's central baddie Negan, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan inspires a tidal wave of dread every time he's on the screen, and the actor has gleefully brought to life the character's morally bungled approach to survival. But there is definitely something that Morgan doesn't like about Negan, as was revealed during The Walking Dead's big panel during San Diego Comic-Con. Check out his answer, which was delightfully prefaced by his favorite thing about Negan.

I think he's got a great sense of humor. And in these dark days, a sense of humor will help you get through. What do I like least about him? That he wears a leather jacket on a 120-degree day.

Negan being a cold-blooded killer? That's not something that makes it to the top of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's "Cons" list concerning his latest TV role. Being a leery creep whose harsh stance against rape does little to make women feel safe around him? Also not something the actor holds to be a highest-ranking fault. No, Morgan's issues with Negan go back to other kinds of issues: the source material.

In Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead comics, Negan's signature look (as illustrated by Charlie Adler) centers wholly on the existence of a black leather jacket, which the villain wears almost exclusively for a long span of time. That jacket as much a part of The Walking Dead universe as Rick's revolver and Carl's cowboy hat, but there's a huge difference between a fictional character wearing it and a human being doing so, especially when the series films entirely on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. Everybody knows how miserably hot it gets there, and while there are costume pieces that could lead to higher levels of sun-baked gloom, leather isn't easily topped.

In fielding one fan's question during The Walking Dead's Comic-Con panel, Jeffrey Dean Morgan provided an answer that mixed crowd-pleasing chuckles with what we assume is the extremely genuine truth. As Negan, Morgan gets to be domineering, foul-mouthed and perma-confident, which is likely a fun thing to act out, particularly with all of his amazing and amusing dialogue. But maybe while wearing in a thin T-shirt or something, and not leather. (Although if recent rumors are to be believed, Negan might not be around as often in Season 8 as we might have thought.)

While Negan is the first voice heard in The Walking Dead's brand new Season 8 trailer, which made huge waves during the show's Comic-Con panel, he was arguably seen less than any other main character, as the footage showcased how Team Family's often stealthy approach to the impending war with the Saviors, and their leader who is presumably sweatier than all get-out. Check the trailer out below!

Check out what we think is happening during that bizarre final moment, and be sure to tune into The Walking Dead when it returns to AMC for Season 8 on Sunday, October 22, at 9:00 p.m. ET. In the meantime, head to our summer premiere schedule to see everything heading to the small screen in the near future.

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