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Euron Greyjoy Pilou Asbæk Game Of Thrones HBO

Warning! This post contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones' latest episode and onward. Read at your own risk!

The latest episode of Game Of Thrones has Euron Greyjoy looking especially strong, after he ambushed a ship containing Theon, Yara, Ellaria and the Sand Snakes. Now with his niece Yara (and others) firmly under his capture, actor Pilou Asbæk shares some insight as to what Euron will do his niece following his triumph.

I think he wants to keep her for fun. I think if Yara is dead, she's of no use. He wants something to negotiate with, always. That's the reason why he's not 100% evil. I think for him, it's about the game. He loves the game more than he loves the result.

Pilou Asbæk appears to indicate that even though Yara was battered and had an ax to her neck last we saw her, Euron is going to keep her around for awhile. With Theon seemingly more concerned with self-preservation than his sister, one has to wonder who Euron may try to negotiate with that would care enough about Yara's life. Daenerys might be swayed to make a trade, but with Euron promising a gift to Cersei upon his return to King's Landing, Yara, Ellaria Sand, and Tyene Sand will likely find themselves captives of King's Landing.

Euron Greyjoy Game Of Thrones HBO

As for what Euron did about Theon, who dove overboard rather than face his uncle, he had a couple options. Pilou Asbæk shares some insight as to what was going on in Euron's head when he saw Theon jump overboard in the most recent Game Of Thrones episode:

He knew it. You can hear it in his laughter. He wants to break Theon down and see the humiliation. Or, even better, he wanted Theon to stand up for himself. Because why doesn't Euron kill Yara? He should kill her! Or he should kill Theon. I think he wants them to become what's in their blood: a king or queen -- a Greyjoy. That's more interesting than just wanting to slaughter them.

Sounds like some pretty twisted thinking, but then again Pilou Asbæk teases to Making Game Of Thrones that the next episode will show him as a "pretty fucking brutal man," so that seems about right. He seemed more than willing to kill his niece and nephew when he boarded the ship; it's hard to see how he can get more brutal than that, but it sounds like bad news for Yara and company.

Euron's brutality is set to heighten when Game Of Thrones is all new Sunday, July 30th at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. For more on Season 7, be sure to check out how Arya and her direwolf's reunion called back to a big moment in the series, or take a look ahead at next week's episode. For more information regarding other great summer programming, be sure to visit our summer premiere guide.

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